Dual Accreditation with Intensive Care Medicine

Intermediate and Advanced level accreditation in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) is currently available for EM trainees as regulated by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM). This training is available on a competitive basis and leads to dual CCTs in ICM and EM but only when both training programmes have been completed. Not all programmes will be able to offer, or trainees able to pursue, dual accreditation. Training time is extended as guided by the FICM.

Once appointed to an ICM CCT post for the purposes of Dual accreditation trainees must ensure that they are registered with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine. Any queries should be directed to ficm@rcoa.ac.uk Trainees should also inform the RCEM so that CCT/CESR-CP date can be reviewed.

Guidance is available here.

Further information can be found at ficm.ac.uk.