Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM)

Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine is a sub-specialty of Emergency Medicine. Trainees in Emergency Medicine can apply for PHEM training in their ST4 year. PHEM training programme places are available through national recruitment, and consist of 12 months whole time equivalent training during ST5 year or above and including post-CCT. There are a small number of one-year pure PHEM posts nationally and the majority are blended training with a mix of EM/PHEM shifts (in total, one year of EM and one year of PHEM) over a two year OOPT. LTFT PHEM training is also available.

It is recommended that career advice is sought early for trainees who are interested in sub-specialty training in PHEM. Trainees can get more information from the IBTPHEM website or by contacting the regional PHEM TPD for their region/neighbouring region or a representative from the PHEM Trainees Association

RCEM Curriculum and Prehospital Emergency Medicine: A Guide for Trainees and Trainers

Our RCEM Curriculum and Prehospital Emergency Medicine: A Guide for Trainees and Trainers was published in June 2021. 

Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine recruitment

National recruitment for posts in August 2021/February 2022 is now closed. Applications for August 2022 training will open in September 2021.

Note for EM trainees who have completed their PHEM training.

After you have finished your sub-specialty training, EM trainees may be allowed one day per month to maintain contact with their PHEM practice, agreed by the RCEM. This is at the discretion of your local School of EM and should not distract from completing your EM training. Military trainees should contact their DCA as days maintaining contact can also be permitted.

Note for EM trainees who have been specifically affected by COVID-19 FIMC cancellation - recommendation of maintenance of PHEM skills July 2020

IBTPHEM cancelled the FIMC examinations scheduled in July 2020 due to COVID-19 with a planned new date of Jan 2021. The recommendations to RCEM are that a minimum of 2 days per month are allocated to allow for maintenance of performance, skills and knowledge in order to meet the requirements of the exam.

The Training Standards Committee recommends the following for trainees undertaking PHEM sub-specialisation. There should be an agreed local negotiation to ensure a safe working pattern and local service provision should be met following discussion with an Educational Supervisor/Clinical Supervisor.

PHEM allocated 2 days per month or pro rata for LTFT, subject to local negotiation may be allocated as part of:

  • Agreed SPA time- half a day per week recommendation for HST
  • Study leave
  • Time out of Training time 1 day per month
  • A combination of SPA, study leave and Time out of Training Time (TOOT)

Time out of Training should not incur an extension to CCT as long as appropriate curriculum progress is maintained and the activities are accounted for and evidenced against the curriculum.