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Simulation Training

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine established a simulation specialist group in 2008 to explore the development of simulation training in delivering the RCEM curriculum. The group has focused on the development and delivery of a patient simulation curriculum for the College. The curriculum is best delivered using higher fidelity mannequins that simulate living, breathing patients and their vital signs. However much of the material can be delivered using more basic mannequins and some is best delivered using patient actors.

Simulation training has a particular focus on improving patient safety through an understanding of what are described as Non-Technical Skills. The group has also developed a range of resources for delivering Non-Technical skills training including workshops, written manuals and e-learning modules in addition to simulation.

Regional leads have been appointed to co-ordinate the delivery of simulation training for their respective schools. The regional simulation leads will provide advice and support for those members wishing to become simulation faculty and for those wanting access to training.

The group has developed a number of national courses as well as integrating the excellent work that was already on-going nationally. This process is continuing including the review and revision of established courses. All have or are in the process of gaining CPD approval.

Each course has a director who is responsible for content and advice on its delivery. They along with your regional leads will give advice and support to any member wishing to deliver a College approved simulation course.  There are a full set of educational materials including pre-course materials, simulation scenarios and evaluation sheets that are available to download (see simulation course materials).

Upcoming Simulation Courses and Events

Scottish Simulation Courses

These locally developed courses are led by Dr Roger Alcock and Dr Laura McGregor. Courses available:

For further information please contact Dr Roger Alcock ( or Dr Laura McGregor (

Simulation course materials

We recommend all members wishing to be faculty to attend the RCEM simulation faculty training course. In order to maintain RCEM simulation faculty status we ask that you teach on a minimum of 2 simulation courses per annum.

For access to course scenarios, please contact your regional simulation lead. These are also downloadable from the website.

Regional Simulation Leads

Useful information and resources for general departmental teaching

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