Global Emergency Medicine Committee

Our vision

For RCEM to be a world-leader in the development of global emergency medicine that is clinically excellent, evidence-based, compassionate and equitable.

Our Mission

  • To provide a network for members and fellows involved in global emergency medicine
  • To promote global emergency medicine activities to RCEM members and fellows
  • To connect with other emergency medicine associations globally
  • To develop global emergency medicine as a sub-speciality
  • To encourage opportunities for practice, training and research in global emergency medicine
  • To support the development of resources for emergency medicine systems globally

Getting to know you

In order to support our members and fellows involved in global emergency medicine work, we would like to connect with you to gain insight into your work, to help with networking between teams and get you involved in setting the agenda for the committee.

You can connect with us in the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @RCEMGlobal
  • Facebook: We now have a closed Facebook page for our members and Fellows involved with in global emergency medicine work - please email DM us on Twitter and we’ll add you, or click to join at the page here!
  • Your RCEM account: Just log into your account via the website and check the "Global EM Activity" box with the Communication Preferences section and we can keep in touch and send you updates
  • GEM Networks: We are actively trying to link regional groups of members that have an interest in GEM who might like to meet other like-minded individuals working in the same region (of the UK eg. East Anglia/Sussex/London). It would be a forum to share ideas and encourage each other in Global EM. If you'd like to find out more or to join, please email:

Getting to know us

The current members and fellows serving on the committee are:

  • Jason Long (Chair)
  • Hodon Abdi
  • Emily Beet
  • Nikki Biggs
  • Stevan Bruijns - 2020 William Rutherford International Award recipient
  • Gile Cattermole
  • Claire Crichton
  • Andrew Fryer
  • Shweta Gidwani
  • Hooi-Ling Harrison
  • James Hayton
  • Simon Horne
  • Richard Lowsby
  • Sa Narang
  • Derek Prentice
  • Najeeb Rahman - 2017 William Rutherford International Award recipient

Global health and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine: a cross-sectional survey of members and fellows

There is growing interest in global health participation among emergency care doctors in the UK. The GEM Committee undertook a survey of members and fellows of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine involved in global health to gain a better understanding of their interests, the work they are involved in, as well as the benefits and barriers of this work. A paper was published in the EMJ on the findings of this research and can be found

Policies and links