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Eye emergencies for the non-ophthalmologist

Event date: 12 March 2024

Venue: Education Hub, 15 Ebenezer Street, London N1 7NH and online

Summary of event:

Discover the knowledge, skills and confidence to evaluate and where appropriate to manage common ocular ophthalmology emergencies.

Suitable for doctors, aspiring ophthalmologists, nurses, allied health professionals and students wishing to learn how to recognise, manage and treat acute ophthalmology presentations.

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to take an ophthalmic history and examine the eye
  • Diagnosing the acute red eye
  • Ocular trauma – treatment and management
  • Important red flags not to miss!

Plus, for those attending in-person there is a practical session which provides a chance to practice some key skills such as corneal foreign body removal.

Price: £175 in-person/£125 virtual/£75 practical session

How to book: Please click here to register.

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