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Investigation and Learning From Deaths in Hospital: Monitoring & Improving Hospital Mortality

Event date: 2 February 2022

Venue: Virtual, online

How to book: Click here to register

Summary of event:

This National Conference focuses on improving the investigation and learning from deaths in NHS Trusts. By collecting the data and taking action in response to failings in care, trusts will be able to give an open and honest account of the circumstances leading to a death. There will be an extended focus on engaging and involving patients, families and staff following a death, and on learning from deaths including an update from a coroner.

The conference will discuss the role of Medical Examiners in learning from deaths which is now being extended to all non-coronial deaths wherever they occur. The conference will also include a split stream where delegates can chose to focus on investigating and learning from either deaths in acute care, or deaths in primary and community care.

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