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Advanced Clinical Practitioner Curriculum

Advanced Clinical Practitioner Curriculum

The ACP curriculum is expected to be launched in September 2022.

ACP Curriculum

+ Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Curriculum 2022

2022 Emergency Medicine Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Curriculum

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) EM-ACP Curriculum provides the framework for Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs) who wish to apply for credential status with the College. The curriculum defines the competences that the EM-ACP is expected to demonstrate and describes the expected standard and required evidence.

Following publication of the 2021 RCEM medical curriculum, the RCEM EM-ACP curriculum was refreshed and revised, adapting the content of the medical curriculum for ACPs, whilst retaining both the standard and breadth of practice defined in the previous RCEM ACP curriculum published in 2017.

The 2022 RCEM EM-ACP curriculum was launched on 05 September 2022. There are two separate curricula, one for adults and one for children, depending on scope of practice:

RCEM EM-ACP Curriculum (Adult)

RCEM EM-ACP Curriculum (Children)

The first credentialing panel for the 2022 ACP curriculum will be in Spring 2024, with the final opportunity to credential under the 2017 ACP curriculum being Autumn 2024. Please see the transition guidance below for advice on whether you will need to transition to the 2022 curriculum.

The 2017 ACP curriculum can be found here.

+ New ACP Credentialing Regulations


These regulations pertain to the credentialing process under the September 2022 EM-ACP and ACP Children curriculum. Further information and guidance on the process will be available on the RCEM website before Christmas 2022.  The first credentialing panel for the 2022 curriculum will be in spring 2024.

ACP Credentialing Regulations

+ Transition Guidance

The majority of EM-ACPs currently working towards credentialing should consider switching to the 2022 ACP curriculum (the ePortfolio will remain on the Kaizen risr/advance platform but will look and function differently for those on the 2022 curriculum). This document briefly summarises how you might make your decision.

2022 ACP Curriculum Transition Principles

Transition to the 2022 ACP curriculum should not result in more work for tACPs or their supervisors. However, it is strongly recommended that EM-ACPs meet with their Educational Supervisor as soon as possible following transition to identify existing evidence that will remain applicable to the 2022 curriculum and that which will need to be completed post-transition. We have published detailed transition guidance to assist ACPs and supervisors with this process.

2022 ACP Curriculum Transition Guidance

To request transition to the 2022 ACP curriculum within the ePortfolio, ACPs should click on Create a new event and complete the Curriculum Migration form. ACPs must also email to notify the ePortfolio team that this form has been submitted. Migration should be completed within 10 working days.

Please note: prior to submitting a transition request, ACPs must ensure all open forms/tickets are closed and all requested MSF responses received. The Educational Supervisor will also need to ensure they have completed (and saved as final) the STR and FEGS for the year leading up to transition as the 2017 forms will no longer be accessible once the ACP has been migrated to the 2022 curriculum.

If an ACP has already transitioned to the 2022 ACP curriculum without the STR and FEGS having been completed for the year prior to transition, the Educational Supervisor will need to complete these reports using the templates provided below. These should be saved as a PDF file, uploaded to the document library within the ePortfolio by the ACP, and linked to the credentialing checklist prior to submission.

Structured Training Report (2017 curriculum)

Faculty Educational Governance Statement (2017 curriculum)

Important information for ACPs and current or future ACP Educational Supervisors (February 2023)

All ACPs working towards the RCEM EM-ACP credential should, by now, have met with their Educational Supervisors to decide whether they may remain on the 2017 ACP curriculum or will need to transition to the 2022 ACP curriculum. If this discussion has not yet taken place, please arrange to meet as soon as possible.

In response to questions raised by both ACPs and Supervisors regarding the transition process, the following guidance has been produced. This includes information on who will need to transition, ePortfolio migration, actions to take prior to migration, RCEM ACP Supervisor training, the new RCEM ACP Educational Supervisor role on the ePortfolio platform, and the Foundation Sign-Off required for all ACPs credentialing on the 2022 curriculum.

RCEM EM-ACP curriculum (2022) – Important information for ACPs and ACP Educational Supervisors

+ Upcoming Zoom Event

Upcoming Event

For the new curriculum, all ACP educational supervisors will be required to have attended supervisor training before they are able to sign off the FEGS and educational supervisor reports. We will be delivering a number of supervisor training sessions on the 2022 curriculum which you can register for here.

+ Past Zoom recordings

Dr Ruth Brown introduces the new ACP curriculum – Wednesday 22 June 2022

Introducing the ACP Curriculum/Showcasing the new ePortfolio – Thursday 4 August 2022

Launching the ACP curriculum – Monday 22 August 2022

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