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Emergency Medicine Foundation Programme

Emergency Medicine Foundation Programme

This exciting programme is currently being delivered in Pakistan and India.

Emergency Medicine Foundation Programme (EMFP)

This exciting programme, set up with seed funding from Health Education England is currently being delivered in Pakistan and India. The EMFP Pilot year was completed in 2020 across 5 sites in India and Pakistan with 65 trainees completing the programme.

If you are interested in hearing about the possibility of starting the Emergency Medicine Foundation at your Hospital or Organization,

EMFP Key Resources

The programme provides a large number of educational resources and documents developed to assist hospital sites, supervisors and trainees get a clear understanding of the EMFP programme.

  • Bespoke website for EMFP trainees and supervisors signed on to the programme including an RCEM Learning site for the EMFP Curriculum
  • Access to RCEM ePortfolio platform to record WBPAs and much more
  • EMFP curriculum tailored to the local context available to download. An Assessment Guidance to accompany the curriculum is also provided.
  • Supervisor Reference Guide: This outlines all the responsibilities and information that supervisors require, including job description, educational supervision process and supervisor training.

Additional resources

  • A complete Trainee Reference Guide – This outlines the requirements of the programme, how to use the curriculum and what’s expected of trainees.
  • The Healthcare Organisation Reference Guide – This guide outlines key information on the organisational requirements for implementing the programme, aimed at Hospitals and Healthcare Organisations.
  • The Learning Hubs: Guidance for development: This guide outlines the requirements for recruiting the Lead Educational Supervisor and setting up the Learning Hub. These are the first two steps any EMFP site will need to carry out and should be completed before the programme begins.
  • Trainees will receive a virtual induction and can attend drop in sessions for any queries.
  • Supervisors will receive Train the Trainer sessions some of which will be in person, travel permitting.
  • Virtual webinars for Trainees and Supervisors from leaders in their subject fields on a range of curriculum topics.
  • Training sessions on the RCEM ePortfolio platform
  • Support for an end of programme panel process

Registration for the Academic year 2022/23

Registration for 2023/23 is now open.

We have 6 sites participating in India and Pakistan

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme or would like to apply to sign your site up for 2022/23 registration please contact the team at

Key information about the programme is available in the FAQs section.

Emergency Medicine Foundation Programme - FAQs

+ How do I register my service for this programme?

Please email to request an info pack and registration form.

+ How much will this cost my service?

The cost of participating in the pilot is determined by the number of trainees signed up to the programme and the level of the hospital site of learning hub and can be discussed with the EMFP team. This funding will support set up of the pilot locally, including the recruitment of a lead ES and setting up of a Learning Hub. Some funding may support travel of UK clinicians to deliver training but none of the funding will be profit for the College. Due to COVID-19 a large amount of training is now delivered virtually. Payment will be required between in advance of the programme start date.

+ Who created the EMFP curriculum?

The curriculum was developed by the International Education Sub-Committee at The Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Programme is now overseen by the EMFP Working Group which reports to the Global EM Committee.

+ Why did RCEM decide to produce the EMFP curriculum? What are the benefits of this curriculum?

The College is committed to promoting Emergency Medicine across the world and supporting high quality medical training. This curriculum is aimed at providing doctors who have qualified within the last few years with core skills in managing emergencies.

+ What support will be available to implement this programme?

RCEM UK will support services in setting up local ‘Hubs’ and will provide clear guidance and online resources to support delivery and quality assurance of the programme. In addition, RCEM UK will provide the training sessions for the new Supervisors and oversee the appraisal of their work at the end of the year.

+ How long is the trainee placement?

The programme is one year, and trainee placements will run generally from August to August – this may differ due to the impact of the pandemic. Within this period trainees may work in one department/ hospital or across several hospitals’ dependant on learning needs and local set up.

+ I am a trainee, how much will it cost me to join this pilot?

Any fees to join the programme must be agreed with the EMFP Learning Hub or hospital.

+ Will the doctor get a qualification at the end of the placement?

No, there will not be any formal diploma or qualification. There will be an RCEM certificate of completion of training, which will allow employers and others to know that the trainee has successfully completed a quality assured training in Emergency Medicine and will be competent in the initial diagnosis, investigation and management of common emergency presentations.

+ I am keen to join the Medical Training Initiative scheme and gain some work experience in the UK. Will participating in this programme help me achieve this?

No, this programme is not aimed at providing training to allow travel to the UK or other countries.

Services will be able to develop a local workforce with core skills who will then be entrusted to deliver high quality and safe care for patients.

+ I am interested to apply as a trainee to this new curriculum, how do I find out more?

Individuals cannot apply for this programme via the College. Registration via RCEM is for provider organisations/ hospitals only. Recruitment of trainees to the programme will occur via your hospital service once it has registered.

+ Is there any payment required when we register our interest?

No, there is no payment required at this time. Prior to any transfer of funds additional information will be sought to ensure that the service(s) meets the criteria required for delivery of the programme.

+ If our service registers interest in this pilot will it automatically be part of the pilot?

No, services will need to meet certain criteria with respect to activity, infrastructure and human resources in order to join the pilot.

+ I have registered my interest, what do I do now?

The project team will be in touch shortly to gather further information about your services, the number of potential trainees and availability of senior clinicians.

+ We are a service with multiple local hospitals, can we form our own Learning Hub?

Yes, you can form a ‘Hub’ within one organisation. Ideally hospitals would be located near enough to allow sharing of training opportunities or reasonable travel by clinicians to one of the sites.

+ We are a service with multiple local hospitals, do we have to pay just once?

Yes, but the cost is determined by the number of trainees, so as long as this information is provided, then one payment can be made.

+ We are a single hospital. How can we join a local Learning ‘hub’?

If you are a single hospital you form your own learning hub or if possible then RCEM will attempt to match you with other site(s) within an acceptable distance to allow trainees and supervisors to travel for training if safe and practical to do so.

+ How many trainees can join per service?

There is no maximum number of trainees that can join per organisation. The minimum number of trainees allowed per hospital site is 8 unless forming part of a larger learning hub.

+ How do I find out if there is a learning ‘Hub’ already set up locally?

If you register your interest but are wishing to join another Learning ‘Hub’, we will attempt to match you with another site(s).

+ I am interested to apply for the role of Lead Educational Supervisor, where do I find out more?

Please contact us via email if interested and we can send additional guidance. Local healthcare organisations that are funding the ‘Hub’ set ups will advertise for these posts.

+ I am a well-established EM clinician with many years of experience. Is there a mechanism for sign off as having achieved the competences within this curriculum without actually joining the pilot?

No, there is no separate ‘sign off’ /equivalence process for those with several years’ experience. The only mechanism to achieve certification is to successfully complete the one-year training programme.

Dedicated Website

The EMFP website is available. (Please note this website can be accessed by EMFP Trainees and Supervisors only)

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