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Invited Service Reviews

Invited Service Reviews

Invited Service Reviews

The College is established to advance education and research in Emergency Medicine and is the leading authority in the UK and Ireland in this field. The College is also responsible for setting standards of training and administering examinations in Emergency Medicine for the award of Fellowship and Membership of the College as well as recommending trainees for CCT in Emergency Medicine. The College works to ensure high quality care by setting and monitoring standards, and providing expert guidance and advice on policy, to relevant bodies on matters relating to Emergency Medicine.

As part of this work the College undertakes reviews of emergency care services at the invitation of NHS organisations. A service review can help a failing ED to become good, and a good ED to become excellent.

Service reviews are conducted by at least two senior Faculty members of the College who are expert in this area. Depending upon the agreed Terms of Reference for a review we will provide a detailed assessment and key recommendations to support organisation needs. The visit will be supported by asking for a structured pre-visit series of materials to allow reviewers to manage the time efficiently and have maximum effect. Based upon the review visit we will provide a structured report covering the key domains of an Emergency Medicine service.

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If you wish to contact the College about arranging a service review, please contact the quality department for more information, and see the documents below.

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