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The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is proud to represent a diverse membership of over 12,000 clinicians working as Emergency Medicine doctors, ACPs, and nurses. Equality is a core value of the College, and we take our commitment to addressing all forms of inequality very seriously. In 2020, we established two Committees to take forward this important work: the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee and the Women in Emergency Medicine Special Interest group, now the Gender Equity Committee.

We are committed to ensuring that the services we offer are reflective of the diverse membership we serve and the communities within which we operate.

We currently collect information in accordance with UK regulations and use this information to help us to improve our services  – you can read more about this here.

We are developing our approach to publishing anonymised data sets but in the interests of transparency what we collect will be published here and added to on a rolling basis.

RCEM Events Speaker Demographics 2023 – PDF

RCEM Membership Demographic Data 2023 – PDF


+ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee was established to address inequalities and discrimination in the speciality of Emergency Medicine. The Committee was focused on racial inequalities to begin with but is working towards a wider remit in examining inequalities and discrimination against other social groups.

To date, the Committee has influenced the PPE agenda on a national scale, carried out a survey on member’s experiences during the second wave and provided advice and guidance to the wider College on matters relating to equality and diversity. Read our vision and workplan here.

Committee Co-Chairs

Dr Sivanthi Sivanadarajah, Consultant at Stepping Hill Hospital
Dr David Chung, Consultant at Crosshouse University Hospital

Committee members

Gordon Miles, Derek Prentice, April McKay, Dr Rita Das, Dr Chenai Mausti, Dr Cieran McKiernan,  Dr Ed Oforka, Dr David A Chung, Romana Moss, Dr Mohsin Islam,  Dr Sofia Rahman, Dr Visvakumaran Reddy, Mrs Jennifer Russell, Dr Nida Suri, Dr Alice Taylor, Dr Ursula-Jade Hartley, Ruth Beveridge, Anukiran Ravichandran.

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+ Gender Equity Committee

Gender Equity Committee

The Gender Equity Committee (GEC) was established to play a key role in raising awareness of gender disparities in the specialty and mitigate the negative consequences this. The Committee aims to facilitate a culture of open communication in the College and to ensure that the gendered experiences of its members and fellows are taken into account across College work.

We are working closely with the College to improve its offer to women. We have carried out research examining the ‘leaky pipeline’ into the specialty of Emergency Medicine and we have influenced other committees to ensure they are taking women’s experiences into account.

Committee Chair

Dr Kirsty Challen, Consultant at Royal Preston Hospital

Committee Members

Dr Salwa Malik, Gemma Croffie, Romana Moss, Dr Hannah McKee, Dr Karen Squires, Dr Laura Cottey, Dr Priya Marathe, Dr Robyn Powell, Dr Sa Narang, Dr Shama Khan, Dr Sinead Campbell-Gray, Dr Chelcie Jewitt, Sarah Hickin, Dr Bianca Ebtehadj.

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Please see this anti-racism video

RCEM Diversity Calendar 2024

To download the calendar and activate the link to copy the dates into your e-calendar (via “add dates to your electronic calendar” button at the foot of the calendar), follow this link: Diversity Calendar 2024

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