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Member Benefits

RCEM membership provides you with a range of support, education, resources and training. These are just some of the benefits to your RCEM membership:

  • RCEMLearning: access to our elearning and education platform which provides a huge variety of learning resources including hundreds of frequently-updated interactive sessions (from short clinical cases to complex learning sessions), diverse assessment methods, critical appraisal support and up to date FOAMed content. Visit RCEMLearning,
  • EMJ: The Emergency Medicine Journal (EMJ) is the leading international journal reporting developments and advances in emergency medicine and acute care. Visit EMJ online and set up preferences.
  • Discounted events and study days: Be the first to know about College events with discounted rates for RCEM members, helping to keep knowledge and skills up to date.  Access the College events calendar.
  • RCEM ePortfolio: A bespoke learning record platform which allows members to create and maintain learning/evidence/achievement data to support their professional development and training
  • Research Grant Opportunities: Eligibility to apply for RCEM research grants or research fellowships supporting innovation in Emergency Medicine. Find out more about research grant opportunities.
  • Regional Support: Regional contacts providing you with access to EM connections in your region or devolved nation
  • Get Involved: Opportunities to take up national and regional roles, from teaching or being a College examiner, to standing for Council or joining one of 51 specialist committees
  • Keep Up To Date: Hear from the President’s blog and monthly e-newsletters keeping you up to date with news, policy and developments in emergency medicine
  • Wellbeing App: A fully customised mental wellbeing app designed specifically for use by emergency physicians which was developed in partnership with a team of psychologists at 87%. Find out more about the Wellbeing App.
  • Health Assured Individual Assistance Programme: Complimentary and 24/7 access for members and immediate family to a broad range of practical and emotional support including legal information, work life and home life challenges. Find out more via the Health Assured Information flyer
  • Tax Rebate Support: Reduce the cost of your subscription fees by up to 45% using the free tax rebate guide written by doctors for doctors provided by Medics Money. Get assistance with tax rebate support.
  • Totum Pro: Eligible members receive over 200 UK discounts on everything from eating out and entertainment to fashion and lifestyle. Access to Totum Pro discounts.
  • Lifestyle Rewards: Members receive new exclusive discounts and added value offers every month on a wide range of luxury products, services & experiences. To discover the Lifestyle Rewards available.

Member Rights and Privileges

Membership Categories Rights and Privileges
Use Post- Nominal Vote for President
Be elected to a Council role/ Officer Vote for members of Council Vote  for Reg/Nat Chair Stand for President
/ VP / Treasurer
Stand for Reg/Nat Represen- tative Can be an examiner or trainer (within RCEM
Stand as EMTA
Stand as EMSAS Officer** Stand as ACP Officer
Honorary Fellowship FRCEM
Retired or Life Fellows FRCEM
Retired Members MRCEM
Fellows by Examination/Ad Eundem/Election* FRCEM FRCEM & MRCEM examiner
Fellows by Exam/Ad Eundem/Election
– Overseas
Associate Fellowship MRCEM examiner & Question writer
Associate Fellow (Overseas) MRCEM examiner & Question writer
Membership by Examination MRCEM MRCEM examiner & Question writer
Membership by Exam  (Non EM working) MRCEM
Membership by Election
Associate Membership (Training/ePortfolio)
Associate Member
Associate Member (ACP)
Associate Memberships (including  Student, Foundation, PA, RHP & AOST)
Affiliate Membership
* excluding Fellows registered as ‘non EM’
Fellows, Associate Fellows and Members (excluding Honorary Fellows, Associate Members and Affiliates) shall be entitled to vote in the election of the President and other members of Council. Honorary Fellows, Associate Members, Overseas Members, Overseas Fellows and Affiliates shall not be entitled to vote in the election
*all EMTA positions will be held by individuals undertaking training
within Emergency medicine in the UK, holding a National Training Number
**all EMSAS positions will be held by inidviduals working in the following roles, Trust grade doctors including Associate Specialists, Specialist doctors, Speciality doctors, Staff grades, Trust grades, Clinical fellows and other doctors working in non-standard posts in emergency medicine in the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Further Member Information

+ Retiring Fellows & Revalidation

For the purposes of subscriptions, the College defines retired members as ‘members who are retired from NHS work and do not have a licence to practice’.

If they continue to revalidate and therefore equip themselves for employment they will continue to pay the normal membership subscriptions even if they have retired from their full time NHS post. If income from medical practice is less than the lower income rate (£35K) then there is a 50% reduction available for these members.

Those members who has ceased to revalidate and are therefore ineligible to continue to work as a medical practitioner may choose one of the following retired fellow options:

(a) An annual reduced fee as a retired Fellow or
(b) Pay a single ‘one-off’ life Fellowship fee.

Either of these choices would have an optional EMJ subscription of £78.00 per annum in addition to the membership subscription.

+ Retired Fellows who are working in other areas (medico-legal or other speciality)

It will be necessary for you to seek guidance from the GMC on how to remain as a specialist in your field.

+ Useful Documents + Diploma Ceremonies

Every year a diploma ceremony is held on the first Thursday of December to recognise and celebrate the achievements of those doctors who have passed the FRCEM and the MRCEM and those ACPs who have recently credentialed. Invites will be sent to all eligible graduands in the summer before the ceremony, where graduands will have the opportunity to book for themselves and their guests. Please note, guest numbers may be restricted due to venue capacity but all key information regarding this will be included within the initial invite.

Use of College Post-Nominals

Members and Fellows are reminded that only the Post-Nominal letters authorised by the College are MRCEM and FRCEM as set out below: Use of these post-nominal letters is restricted to those members and fellows who have paid their annual subscription.

Member Category Post Nominal
Fellow by Examination FRCEM
Fellow by Election FRCEM
Fellow Ad Eundem FRCEM
Honorary Fellow FRCEM (Hon)
Member by Examination MRCEM

Member Offers

Take a look at some of the great discounts and offers available to you as part of you RCEM membership.

+ RCEM Lifestyle rewards

RCEM Lifestyle rewards

As part of your membership, you get to experience & enjoy RCEM Lifestyle Rewards.

Members receive exclusive discounts & added value offers on a wide range of luxury products, services & experiences.

RCEM Lifestyle Rewards – Your life, your choice… to sign up or sign in, click the link below.

RCEM Lifestyle Rewards


As part of your membership all eligible members* are able to access TOTUM PRO membership.

With over two hundred UK discounts and thousands worldwide from both famous brands and local independents, a TOTUM PRO membership opens up a whole world of fantastic savings on everything from dining out and keeping fit to fashion retail and travel abroad.

  • * Eligible members include all professional learners including students, Trainees and ACPs

For more information and to access membership, please click the link below.

TOTUM Pro membership

+ Royal Society of Medicine Membership

Royal Society of Medicine Membership

RCEM has a partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) providing RCEM members with discounted registration for RSM membership.

RCEM members have 15% discount when joining the RSM membership, becoming a member of RSM provides access to an array of learning and career development opportunities, as well as resources spanning the entire healthcare spectrum.

As well as learning and career development opportunities, members gain access to in-person facilities such as a library, lounge bar, hotel and meeting rooms, all under one roof in the heart of London, as well as online access to webinars and e-resources.

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