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All the information you need to join us including subscriptions and application link.

Membership – Become a member

All applications for membership of the College can be made at anytime and can be completed online via this link: membership application.

Following approval, you will be a member of the College and have full access to the benefits and resources associated with your membership category.

We would encourage anyone interested in emergency medicine to join our membership and we offer support, education, resources and training to members throughout their careers in EM.

Applying for Membership

Please see the steps below to becoming a member of RCEM.

+ Why join us?

There are numerous benefits to joining RCEM including access to:

  • RCEMLearning, our elearning and education platform which provides a huge variety of learning resources including hundreds of frequently-updated interactive sessions (from short clinical cases to complex learning sessions), diverse assessment methods, critical appraisal support and up to date FOAMed content.
  • The Emergency Medicine Journal (EMJ) which is the leading international journal reporting developments and advances in all aspects of emergency medicine and acute care.
  • RCEM ePortfolio, a bespoke learning record platform which allows RCEM members to create and maintain learning/evidence/achievement data to support their professional development and training.
  • (Dependent on eligibility) Use of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s post nominals, FRCEM and MRCEM.
  • RCEM’s Wellbeing App, a fully-customised mental wellbeing app designed specifically for use by emergency physicians which was developed in partnership with a team of psychologists at 87%.
  • Exclusive member-only discounts for RCEM events, conferences, membership subscriptions and lifestyle rewards.
  • EM safety flashes/alerts, guidelines and statements produced by the College’s Quality in Emergency Care Committee, clinical guidelines, toolkits and best practice guidance.
  • The wider EM community by virtue of events, training days, and networking opportunities facilitated by the College.
  • Over 60 committees dedicated to supporting all aspects of Emergency Medicine and EM clinicians
+ How to apply for Membership

All applications for membership of the College can be made at anytime and are completed online via the links below.

Following approval, you will be a member of the College and have full access to the benefits and resources associated with your membership category.

If you have previously registered for an event or an exam with the College, you will already have an online account. Please login to this existing account to complete your membership application rather than create a new account.

However if you are new to the College then please register an account first.

+ Registered but not a member?
  1. You can start a membership application here. You will be asked to login using your existing username (generally your preferred email address) and your password.
  2. If you cannot remember your login details please click on the ‘forgot my password link’, or speak to the member services team via call 0207 404 1999 or via the online chat in the bottom right-hand corner and we will be able to reset your password for you.
+ New to RCEM registration and membership applications?
  1. Click Create an Account to start the process.
  2. Select either ‘Become a member of the College’ or ‘Become a member of the College and access ePortfolio’.
  3. Once you have created an online account you will then be able to progress with the on-line application.
+ Approval Process

Submitted applications will be processed and approved by the Membership Team, with the aim of all applications being approved within five working days. If there is a query with the membership application or insufficient information has been provided then the Membership Team will be in touch with you to resolve this.

Once approved all applications will be presented to Council for ratification which meet at least four times a year. Please note that Council may overturn an approval and if this does occur a letter will be sent explaining the reason why and a refund will be given.

+ Membership confirmation

Once approved you will receive an email that day from the membership team confirming your membership followed by a letter confirming your membership approval.

If you have requested to pay by Direct Debit you will receive confirmation of your Direct Debit payment plan with your membership approval letter.

If you have requested to pay by Credit/Debit card then you can pay either on-line or over the phone once your membership has been approved.

+ Membership Subscription Information

Membership subscriptions are based on a calendar year, when you join as a member you will pay a pro rata amount until the end of the year with a full annual fee due for the following year.

Subscriptions can be paid online via your RCEM account or over the phone using a Credit/Debit card or via Direct Debit where we provide monthly as well as annual payment options. Direct Debit payments are collected on the first working day of the month with annual payments due on the first working day of February every year where as monthly instalments will be split across a maximum of ten monthly instalments.

+ Additional notes & contact details
  • From 2021 the College will be using the World Bank list of Low Income Countries and Lower middle Income countries to provide discounted subscriptions to members in those countries.
  • Members on maternity leave are entitled to one membership subscription calendar year at no cost. This can be the year in which their new parent leave begins or may be applied to the following year if the new parent leave spans across calendar years. We also provide a period of membership at no cost for any periods of adoption or paternity leave greater than one month. A copy of the MATB1 Form (or equivalent) is required, only one discounted subscription can be claimed per period of new parents leave.
  • There is a 50% reduction for UK based members working LTFT who are earning less than £35K.
  • For the purposes of subscriptions, the College define retired members as ‘members who are retired from NHS work and do not have a licence to practice’.
  • A membership ‘freeze’ is available for any member leaving medicine to undertake voluntary work or who is unable to work due to ill health.
  • Members joining through the year are charged a pro-rated amount based on the month from when their membership commences.
  • Refunds or adjustments to membership subscriptions due to changes in circumstances and addition/removal of services will be based on months of the year. Refunds are not generally given to members upon resignation from the College.
  • RCEM has been approved by HRMC under section 201 Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1968, which means that Fellows and Members who pay UK taxes are able to claim tax relief on membership subscriptions at the highest marginal rate of tax. Further information can be accessed via: tax-relief-for-employees

For any further information and to make amendments to your subscription please contact the College membership team via or 020 7400 6107.

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