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Subscriptions 2024

Subscriptions 2024

RCEM Membership & Subscriptions for 2024

RCEM Membership Categories & Subscriptions 2024

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A new fee structure for 2024 was agreed by a members vote at Octobers AGM, information on these changes and fees for 2024 can be found here.

Membership Subscriptions 2024 – 01 January to 31 December

Membership Category UK Overseas LIC &LMIC
Fellowship by Examination £817 £447 £245*
Fellowship by Election
Fellow Ad Eundem
Fellow – Post CCT/Non-EM Specialist Registered £366* N/A N/A
Fellow – Pre CCT/CESR*** £585*** N/A N/A
Associate Fellowship £288 £190 £103*
Associate Fellowship (Training/Eportfolio) £341 £341 £188*
Membership by Examination £341 £222 £122*
Membership by Election £341
Membership – Not working in Emergency Medicine £109* N/A N/A
Member by Examination (Training/Eportfolio) £341 £341 £188*
Associate Member (Training/Eportfolio) £341 £341 £188*
Associate Member £109* £99* £55*
Associate Member (Foundation) £55* N/A N/A
Associate Member (Student) £22* £22* £22*
Affiliate Member £76* £76* £76*
Associate Member (Advanced Clinical Practitioners)** £341 N/A N/A
Associate Member (Registered Healthcare Practitioners)** £121* N/A N/A
Associate Member (Physician Associates)** £121* / **** N/A N/A
Member by Examination (AOST) (Ireland or Iceland)** £341
Associate Member (AOST) (Ireland or Iceland)** £341
Associate Member (AOST) (Nepal)** £144*
Retired Fellow £89* per annum
Life Fellowship – One off payment of £552*
Retired Associate Fellowship £55* per annum
Life Associate Fellowship – One off payment of £331*
Retired Members £45* per annum
** includes eportfolio access 

* EMJ is not included and is available for an additional £78 per year.

Online only EMJ access is available for £66 per year

***Fellow – Pre CCT/CESR – This reduction in available for three subscription years post completion of FRCEM, or until CCT/CESR is completed.

**** From 1 February 2024, the fees for any new Physician Associate (PA) members joining us will increase to £341, to be in line with other membership categories. This was agreed at our January 2024 Council meeting.


Payment for your subscription can be made via:

  • From 2021 the College uses the World Bank list of Low-Income Countries and Lower middle Income countries to provide discounted subscriptions to members in those countries.
  • New Parents Leave
    Members on maternity leave are entitled to one membership subscription calendar year at no cost. This can be the year in which their new parent leave begins or may be applied to the following year if the new parent leave spans across calendar years. We also provide a period of membership at no cost for any periods of adoption or paternity leave greater than one month. A copy of the MATB1 Form (or equivalent) is required, only one discounted subscription can be claimed per period of new parents leave.
    This new policy was agreed at Council 8th June 2023 and is applicable to members commencing leave from 1st January 2023. Previous to this members received a 50% reduction on subscriptions.
  • There is a 50% reduction for UK based members working LTFT who are earning less than £35K.
  • A membership ‘freeze’ is available for any member leaving medicine to undertake voluntary work or who is unable to work due to ill health. This cost is £20 (excluding EMJ) to cover a period up to 12 months.
  • Members joining through the year are charged a pro-rated amount based on the month from when their membership commences.
  • Refunds or adjustments to membership subscriptions due to changes in circumstances and addition/removal of services will be based on months of the year. Refunds are not generally given to members upon resignation from the College.
  • RCEM has been approved by HRMC under section 201 Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1968, which means that Fellows and Members who pay UK taxes are able to claim tax relief on membership subscriptions at the highest marginal rate of tax. Further information can be accessed via: tax-relief-for-employees
  • If you have any queries related to your membership and any of your details as outlined above then please get in touch with us via telephone (020 7404 1999 option 1 for member services), email ( or LiveChat via our website (

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