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Additional Attempts

Additional Attempts

Applying for additional exam attempts

Additional Attempts

All medical royal colleges and faculties are required by the General Medical Council to limit the number of exam attempts. As standard, candidates can have a maximum of six attempts at each MRCEM exam component, and a maximum of four attempts at FRCEM exam components. Full details can be found in the respective exam regulations.

Candidates who have exceeded the maximum number of attempts for an exam may apply for one additional attempt. To make an application, candidates should complete the online application form. All applications must be made through submission of the online form. Any requests sent directly to the Chief Examiner or Dean will not be considered.

Additional attempt applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the opening of an exam application window that the attempt would be used for. If the maximum number of attempts for an exam have been exceeded, exam applications will not be accepted or processed.

Within the application form, candidates must provide full details of why previous attempts were unsuccessful, such as details of any personal circumstances affecting ability to fully demonstrate knowledge and abilities. Candidates must also provide an explanation of how they will ensure any subsequent attempt is successful. This should be done by identifying areas of low performance in past examinations, with a comprehensive plan to achieve success. Candidates will also be asked to provide details of their Educational Supervisor/Specialty Tutor or equivalent, who will be asked to complete a form providing their support for the application. UK postgraduate doctors in training will also be asked to provide their Head of School/Training Programme Director for this purpose.

Applications will be considered by the Chief Examiner on a case-by-case basis.
Candidates should note that only one additional attempt may be granted per exam type.
Additional attempt application outcomes will be communicated by email within six weeks of the additional attempts application receipt date.

If an additional attempt application is approved, candidates may apply for the next exam diet within the published application window. If the application is rejected, candidates will not be eligible for any further attempts at the exam.

Additional Attempts after a New Diagnosis of Neurodiverse Conditions

In line with new Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) best practice, candidates who have a new or previously undeclared diagnosis of a condition requiring reasonable adjustments and have failed previous attempts at exam components without reasonable adjustments, can apply to have additional attempts for that exam component.

All requests should be sent to and be accompanied by supporting documentation, e.g. a detailed report by a certified educational psychologist. Requests will be considered by our Chief Examiner on a case-by-case basis.

When reviewing requests, the Chief Examiner will consider whether the new diagnosis will have affected all previous exam attempts or only some. For example, new information of a diagnosis which is likely to have affected all previous attempts, could lead to the full number of attempts being granted as additional attempts. Previous attempts at exams will no longer be expunged from candidate’s records but will be updated to show that new information revealing the new diagnosis of neurodiverse conditions has led to additional attempt(s) being granted.

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