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Results, Feedback and Awarding

Results, Feedback and Awarding

Exam results, feedback and MRCEM/FRCEM awards

Results, Feedback and Awarding

Exam results, feedback and MRCEM/FRCEM awards

+ OSCE Results

OSCE Results

RCEM OSCE exams follow a domain-based marking scheme. Domains are skills which candidates are expected to demonstrate within each station and within each OSCE Station one to four Domains will be tested. Each domain will be separately weighted in relation to its overall importance within the station. Candidates will be assessed by the examiner, who will form a judgement on the level of competence they display in each Domain/skill, ranging from well below minimum level of competence to well above for each Domain in each station.

The examiner judgements of candidate performance for each domain within a station will be converted into a numerical value, based on the weighting of the domain. The numerical value of each domain will be calculated to provide candidates with a score ranging from 0-10 for each station. There are 16 stations in the MRCEM and FRCEM OSCE examinations and the maximum score achievable for each examination is 160 marks.

+ Theory Results

Theory Results

RCEM Theory SBA exams are electronically marked by allocating one mark for every correctly selected answer. As there is only one single best answer (SBA) to each question, marks will only be given where this option has been chosen.

+ Results Release

Results Release

Results will be released on RCEM accounts six to eight weeks after the exam date. The release date will be published on the Exam Calendar LINK once available. An email notification will be sent once results are available and can be viewed on RCEM accounts with downloadable results letters. Exam results will not be issued or confirmed by telephone or email.

+ Feedback 


Exam performance feedback will be sent within one week of the results release date. This will provide feedback on performance in the exam in relation to the exam structure.

+ Awarding


Candidates who pass the required combination of exams will be awarded MRCEM or FRCEM. MRCEM requires candidates to pass the MRCEM Primary, MRCEM SBA and MRCEM OSCE (or equivalences). FRCEM requires candidates to pass the FRCEM SBA and FRCEM OSCE (or equivalences). Upon passing the final required exams, quality checks will be undertaken and once confirmed, this will be available on RCEM accounts with the results release.

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