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On Monday 7 October, we will be hosting the annual Updates in paediatric emergency medicine by APEM at the Glasshouse, Gateshead, as part of the Annual Scientific Conference.

This day is organised by the Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine (APEM) and includes the latest in paediatric emergency medicine and presentations from the top scoring PEM abstract submitters.

Learning objectives:

  • To keep up to date with research and the latest evidence based medicine in PEM
  • To understand the roles of the multidisciplinary team involved in managing the complex child with behavioural, social and mental health problems in the PED, and develop strategies to mange them more effectively
  • To understand the of current position of the National PEWS  and ways of successful implementation locally
  • To analyse different national PEM work force models from various settings, and have group discussions around developing pragmatic sustainable workforce solutions

You can register for the event here.

For more details about how to submit your abstract for this event, please see our abstract information.


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