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#CountMeIn – help us to better represent you

04 April 2022

We’ve launched #CountMeIn – our campaign to ensure we are fully representing our member – and are asking all members to fill in their demographic profiles.

We are proud to represent over 11,000 clinicians working in the specialty of Emergency Medicine as well as allied professionals with an interest in Emergency Medicine. Equality is a core value of the College, and we take our commitment to addressing all forms of inequality very seriously.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to fully evidence the extent of the College’s diversity as the demographic data of our clinicians is not available through the GMC or the NHS. The picture we have of our members is patchy and incomplete and we need your help to fill in the blanks to ensure accurate representation.

We need you to complete your profiles so that we can better understand you and the Emergency Medicine workforce. If we do not know who we are, we cannot advocate for everyone or be confident that we are representing all of our members in the ways they choose to represent themselves individually and collectively.

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee have worked with the College to review the demographic data we currently collect. We have updated and improved the questions to ensure they are representative of you, our global membership.

You can complete your profiles by accessing the link here. You may have some questions about this new form, so we have compiled some FAQs to accompany the new set of questions.

Finally, we would like to reassure you that the data you provide us with is anonymous.  We will only use this data in an aggregated form for statistical purposes. We will never publish the data in a way that allows you to be identified.

The demographic questions are the same for everyone and we ask that you fill it in, even if you choose ‘prefer not to say’ – this is an option on every question, and a valid choice.

We know an important part of this work is about fostering open and transparent dialogue. Having a sense of our members’ representation will help us to better understand how best to represent you. If you do have any reservations or additional questions about completing the data, we would be keen to hear from you. Please get in touch via

Help us to help you. Join us in starting a dialogue about the importance of representation in emergency medicine by tweeting us @RCollEM using the hashtag #CountMeIn to highlight that you’ve completed your profile!

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