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Emergency Medicine Foundation Programme

Emergency Medicine Foundation Programme

Emergency Medicine Foundation Programme


The EMFP curriculum was developed in 2019 and following the recent changes in the RCEM UK curriculum, we are now looking to review and update the EMFP curriculum so that it contains the latest in educational theory with a focus on Specialty Learning Outcomes (SLOs) to ensure that the curricula reflect the key areas whilst remaining adaptable to the diverse service and population needs in-country

RCEM have recently been awarded funds from Health Education England (HEE)/ NHS England to develop an Emergency Medicine Core Programme in India. This will see the development of a 2-year programme that would follow RCEM International’s flagship programme, the EMFP.

RCEM previously received some seed funding from HEE to set up the EMFP pilot to test a new curriculum for junior trainees in non-UK countries. The aim of this programme was to promote the development of EM and to provide high quality training and raise the standard of care for patients.

The EMFP has seen the following achievements over the 3 years:

  • Development of an EMFP curriculum that covers core presentations to ED, adaptable to meet diverse service and population needs
  • ‘Train the trainer’ programme to develop senior clinicians as Supervisors
  • A quality assurance process to monitor delivery of the programme
  • 7 sites have signed up to the programme across India and Pakistan
  • Over 120 trainees have passed the programme and passed the End of Programme Review Panel process (in lieu of an exit exam) with satisfactory completion
  • 98% of all surveyed trainees and 100% of surveyed supervisors rated the curriculum as easy to follow
  • Significant improvement in trainees’ confidence in professional skills, resuscitation, trauma and acute presentations and a culture of documenting achievement of learning objectives through WPBA and reflective practice

The development of the EMCP and EMFP

The EMCP will look to combine the current EMFP with an additional 2-year core level training programme, this would be based on the current ACCS programme. It would bring a structure in place with an RCEM badge, with strong insight into entrustment levels, workplace-based assessment, self-reflection, annual appraisals, leadership in EM and use of the RCEM eLearning suite including ePortfolio and a programme resource web page. A Pilot is planned for the 4 sites in India who are part of the Apollo group who have spent 3 years delivering EMFP to a high standard.

Can you help?

The EMFP working group is looking for expertise from our members to bring the current EMFP curriculum in line with the format of the recently updated UK RCEM curriculum and to develop a brand-new curriculum for the EMCP. The key roles selected individual would be responsible for are set out below:

  • Reviewing, updating, and adapting the current EMFP Curriculum for the one-year training programme
  • Developing the Emergency Medicine Core Programme curriculum from the relevant and appropriate components of the current UK ACCS curriculum as well as relevant to the local context
  • Consult on updated curriculum content and subsequent changes with relevant stakeholders
  • Responding to external requests for curriculum changes
  • Implementation of change and evaluation of that change
  • Delivery of Train the trainer workshops to pilot sites and site visits to India as part of quality assurance
  • Gathering input from other international stakeholders expressing an interest in EM curriculum development.

See below for vacancy information on the Curriculum Leads role.

Vacancies within the EMFP

There are currently no vacancies.

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