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EMSB:  Emergency Medicine of Severe Burn Course

Course Dates for 2024:

29 January 2024                   Newcastle
23 March 2024                      Belfast
29 April 2024 (2 days)         Military, 202 MMR Birmingham
11 May 2024                           Bristol
21 June 2024                          Manchester
31 October 2024 (2 days)    Military, DMS(W) Lichfield
1 November 2024                  Liverpool

The Emergency Management of Severe Burns (EMSB) course provides burn specific trauma management guidelines, which are additive and complimentary to those taught on other trauma courses e.g. ATLS. EMSB is a “stand alone” one-day course that covers the principles of the emergency management of severe burns in the British Isles including practical exercises in burn size assessment, fluid resuscitation, airway and wound management, paediatric burn care, electrical and chemical injuries and simulated cases.

The course is appropriate for medical and nursing practitioners who may be required to provide initial management to patients with severe burn injuries e.g. those working
anywhere in the field of burn care, anaesthesia, trauma, pre-hospital and emergency medicine.

The EMSB course has been awarded 8 consultant CPD credits

Price:  £345 to include lunch and refreshments

How to book: Please click here to book

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