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GreenED’s EM-Day climate crisis call for action

Thursday 06 June 2024

Following the success of Emergency Medicine Day 2024 (27 May 2024), the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) is celebrating its GreenED team adding their voices to the climate crisis focus of EM-Day by bringing all the content together in this article.

The GreenED programme, an initiative launched nationally in 2023 by RCEM’s Environmental Specialist Interest Group (ESIG) with support from Greener NHS, is implementing measurers to improve the the environmental impact of Emergency Departments and make the practice of emergency care as sustainable as possible, as well as improving the environmental sustainability of the College.

RCEM’s GreenED team supported EM-Day by releasing a special edition of its newsletter, interviewing the European Society For Emergency Medicine (EUSEM) — the organisation that leads EM-Day, and, with other professionals and organisations worldwide, joined in by spreading the message: ‘Climate Change is a Health Emergency Too’ on social media.

All content is embedded below.

First to feature on this page is the collection of videos released on social media by, in order of appearance: Dr Ian Higginson, RCEM VP; Dr Nathan Hudson-Peacock, GreenED & ESIG Committee Member; Dr Jen Wood, GreenED Communications Lead; and Dr Helen Wilkins, GreenED & ESIG Committee Member.


RCEM’s Dr Sandy Robertson, RCEM’s ESIG Chair and Co Clinical Lead of the GreenED Programme, joined in on the EM-Day campaign by interviewing two former EUSEM Presidents, Roberta Petrino — President from 2016-2018, and Luis Garcia-Castrillo — President from 2018-2020.

Sandy asked them both about their ongoing roles to lead EUSEM’s EM-Day, its 2024 climate crisis focus and how the non-profit scientific organisation is supporting its member focus groups in creating change. See the full video below:


Below the links you will find the latest edition of the GreenED newsletter that was sent out to raise awareness on EM-Day. If you have subscribed, you should have received it in your inbox on 27 May. If you want to sign up then visit the GreenED website and scroll to the bottom of the homepage and enter your email in the box and click consent. To keep aware of any GreenED updates you can also follow the programme or contact the team in the following ways: @GreenED_uk X (Twitter), @greened_uk Instagram and Email.

Here are a list of the most important links in the newsletter:


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