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Joint statement on Myanmar

We, the undersigned and the organisations we represent, are united in concern for medical and nursing colleagues in Myanmar as a result of the military coup and ongoing violence in
the country. As representatives of the global emergency medical community, we condemn the targeting of emergency medical care hospital staff.

The principles of international humanitarian and human rights law which safeguard medical neutrality in situations of conflict must be respected and upheld. The UN Security Council
Resolution 2286 (2016) strongly condemns attacks against medical facilities and personnel in conflict situations. Our organisations wish to stress the importance of ensuring the safety
and independence of healthcare personnel, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and their additional protocols.

Our colleagues must remain free to serve the essential emergency medical needs of the people of Myanmar. Safe access must be granted to adequate medical facilities for the injured and others in need of medical aid. Medical facilities, medical transport and the people being treated in them must be protected, and the safest possible working environment provided for healthcare workers.

Without urgent resolution of these issues, the future of emergency medicine, the country’s emergency care system and health system’s ability to function remains under immense threat.

Our organisations are calling for increased regional and international advocacy to restore a civilian government, to hold the military coup accountable for the blatant targeting of healthcare staff, and to join global ligation action for the contravention of human rights.

Dr John Bonning
President, Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

Dr Katherine Henderson
President, Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Professor Tamorish Kole
President, Asian Society for Emergency Medicine

Professor Sally McCarthy
President, International Federation for Emergency Medicine

Professor Edgardo Menendez
President, Federación Latinoamericana de Medicina de Emergencias

Dr Gary Nou
President, Papua New Guinea Society for Emergency Medicine

Dr Mark Rosenberg
President, American College of Emergency Physicians

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