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Global health map – connecting UK emergency care practitioners

Many of you in emergency care are involved or interested in global health, whether that is in an area of access, resource and/or context-limited healthcare. This map will hopefully serve to bring your work closer together, encourage collaborative engagement and demonstrate the breadth of programmes and projects the UK emergency care community are a part of.  This will create the potential for growth in UK global emergency medicine (GEM) and demonstrate commitment to a more sustainable model of working in GEM.

How to use the map

The UK map pins are the base location of an emergency care colleague who has input one or more global health engagements. The map pins elsewhere in the world relate to those engagements.  You can contact whoever input the information by contacting Please include:

1.     The code number of the project/programme you are interested in 

2.     The name/location of the project/programme you are interested in

3.     The message you’d like to send

4.     Who you are and your institution

 The RCEM team managing the map will aim to pass on your message within 3-5 working days and by using this address you are consenting for the team to contact you subsequently to find out how this connection progresses and to track the usefulness of the map.

Each entry is labelled with the type of work it entails e.g. research/clinical/policy. You can filter by type of activity and and also see whether it is still an active link. 

Links which are labelled as no longer active serve as information on breadth rather than connectivity. Those projects which are directly curated by RCEM are highlighted as a purple pin.

An asterisk next to an entry title indicates that this may be suitable for medical student involvement.

We will endeavour to ensure that those who have agreed to be contacted do remain contactable, and request a BCC from the map contact to for the initial contact to monitor this. However, if you find that you are struggling to get a response, or have any other queries, please contact us on the same address.

Adding your work to the map

If you have work you would like to enter into the map you can do so by sending the following information to

  1. Full name
  2. Whether you have input to the map previously
  3. UK base location (hospital/deanery/institute, town/city)
  4. Your contact email address
  5. Name of global health project
  6. Location of global health project (hospital/institute, town/city, country)
  7. Whether this is an RCEM project
  8. Whether this is to be categorised as Training, Education, Clinical service, Research, Leadership/service development, Policy development and/or other activity
  9. Whether this might be suitable for medical student electives
  10. A web address for the project/programme
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