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Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders – new guideline released

23 May 2022

Over the past five years hospital admissions for eating disorders have risen by 84%. Hospital admissions of children and adolescents for eating disorders have risen 35% since last year alone. We know that some of these patients will come through Emergency Departments and the urgent and emergency care pathway.

Unfortunately, signs of severe illness in patients with eating disorders can be easily missed leading to harm and sometimes death of patients. It is crucial that Emergency Medicine staff are mindful of patients with eating disorders and are aware of the signs and symptoms of severe illness.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have published the Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders (MEED) updated guideline which replaces the old ‘Marsipan’ guidance. This was developed by a cross-specialty group and has been endorsed by The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

The main guideline includes a new checklist to help guide assessment and a summary sheet for Emergency Department professionals: Guidance on Recognising and Managing Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders.

We are delighted to have colleagues and experts by experience joining us for next week’s National Zoom 1300PM Thursday 26 May to talk through how MEED guidance can help us in the ED.

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