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RCEM Newsletter - February 2023

RCEM Newsletter - February 2023

News and views from The Royal College of Emergency Medicine. Please use the "On this page" menu below for contents.

Welcome from the President

Like many of you, I watched the scenes of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria with horror. There were a few crumbs of comfort that I saw College members taking part in the humanitarian response, our training, skill and mindset is so useful.

A slight respite in crowding in January was welcome, but the flow through most of our departments remains far below what we want for our patients and our staff. In England, the Urgent and Emergency Care Recovery Plan was published. We have been working behind the scenes to make sure many of our recommendations are included. We certainly didn’t get everything that we proposed, but we were pleased that there is a commitment to publish 12 hour length of stay performance instead of the hopeless 12 hour DTA data. This has taken a lot of lobbying from the executive and policy team, but finally allows us to have a more patient centric and meaningful metric. We have been robust that the setting the four hour access standard at 76% is unambitious and will not help our patients who need admitting. The plan is an improvement on previous plans, but what matters is the delivery. We will be watching the delivery and success of the plan with interest. To misquote Mike Tyson, ‘everyone has a recovery plan until they are punched in the mouth’.

Industrial action grumbles on. Our College is necessarily constrained as to what it can say, regardless of our personal feelings. We all feel the retention crisis in all parts of the emergency care system, and can see that staff need to be valued. There is an important and necessary demarcation between Colleges and unions. We will continue to advocate that better working environments lead to better patient care.

We launched our policy campaign Resuscitating Emergency Care | RCEM These are simple priorities to improve patient care. I hope I get to see many of you at the Spring CPD conference, getting away from the workplace and reconnecting with other EM folk is enormously restorative.

EMTA Survey

Dear trainees, a personal request from the College and myself to complete the EMTA survey and a thank you to the 506 people who have already. Link: EMTA-2022-RCEM

The data helps inform our trainee reps, the Training Standards Committee, TPDs and others about the challenges you face. Already the data has highlighted disparities in exposure to paediatrics, ultrasound, QI and more. It has highlighted unacceptable rates of incivility and bullying and in response to that we have formed a new coalition of key partners representing the entire membership to help raise awareness and support training to tackle it. To see the previous report, presented as infographics click here:


The data validity hinges on engagement. Every response helps build a picture closer to the truth, helping us trust it when it assists decision-making. This year we will focus on EDI and regional disparities. Please take 10-15 minutes to enhance our insights and EMTA and the college will work to improve the areas of greatest need.”
Click here to help: EMTA-2022-RCEM

Dr Adrian Boyle
President, Royal College of Emergency Medicine

College News

RCEM Monthly Forum

The RCEM Clinical Leaders National Zoom has been rebranded and relaunched as the RCEM Monthly Forum.

This is now open to RCEM Membership. If you would like to join us then please register your interest here via the link below:

The aim is to have a monthly one-hour meeting where RCEM can communicate important new information to all members and fellows.

The call is led by me the RCEM President, Dr Adrian Boyle and I give an update on the national picture facing Emergency Departments followed by topical clinical updates and advice on the latest medical challenges seen in Emergency Departments.

The call is free to attend and open to those who are part of the College membership.

So don’t delay and be sure to register to join these monthly meetings here:

If you missed a previously named Clinical Leads Zoom meeting, you can catch up here. The latest meetings can be found below.

RCEM explains long waits and excess deaths

See the explanation document

Exam Delivery, Marking and Reporting

The Association for Trainee Doctors Group issued a letter to all Royal Medical Colleges via the Academy. We responded formally to this letter.

See the AoMRC Trainee Doctors’ Group letter

See the RCEM response

Your chance to get involved

Looking for something to help motivate you with your New Year’s fitness goals? We have places at both the London Landmarks Half Marathon on 5th April 2023 and the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 8th October 2023get in touch to find out more!

The London Landmarks Half Marathon gives you the chance to be part of 16,000 runners taking in the views of London’s most iconic landmarks including Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Column, the Tower of London and the London Eye before finishing by Downing Street. Our participation in the 2023 event follows our successful participation in 2022 as well as having runners take part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch via

To register your interest in these events or to find out more about taking part in any other future events for RCEM fundraising please email

New appointments to the Research Committee

We’re delighted to announce that the Research Committee has appointed four new Associate Professors:  Alex Novak, Ed Barnard, Sarah Wilson and Darryl Wood. Alex and Ed will take up their posts with immediate effect, while Sarah and Darryl’s tenure will begin in 2024. Congratulations to them all.

Spring Grant Call

The Research Committee’s semi-annual grant call is now accepting applications for funding. Members can apply for up to £10,000 to support their EM research project.
Applications must be received by Friday 31 March 2023. For further information, including an application form and application guidance, please visit our Research Funding webpages.

BMJ – NHS crisis: rebuilding the NHS needs urgent action
RCEM President, Dr Adrian Boyle, co-wrote a piece for the BMJ with the Society for Acute Medicine, RCP, RCGP, and RCPsych, calling on the government to take urgent action to tackle the NHS crisis. Read the full article.

EUSEM – Safety in the Emergency Departments: Survey for professionals

This year the Emergency Medicine Day campaign is dedicated to safety. Safety for our patients, who need care, attention and relief from pain and disease. Safety for our colleagues, who need to be able to work in a secure environment, for the right number of hours with the right number of patients in order to be able to give them the right amount of our time and energy. Only in these conditions are we sure to provide the patient with a safe haven in an emergency.

We strongly believe it is of the utmost importance that we can provide concrete data to the relevant stakeholders to reflect our distress and how this can threaten our safety and that of our patients.

A validated survey, about the safety of emergency care in your ED closed on 27 February.

The results of the survey will be published on the EM Day and will be circulated to media and politicians.

Meanwhile, make a note in your diary…..

Let the SEDIT do the heavy lifting – new animation video released to promote GIRFT-developed emergency medicine data dashboard

The Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programme has produced a new three-minute animation video to introduce new users to the Summary Emergency Department Indicator Table (SEDIT) data platform.

The SEDIT supports emergency department (ED) teams to understand their demand, capacity, flow and outcomes, and to make improvements accordingly, with the help of colour-coded graphs, charts and filtering tools.

The latest SEDIT developments include new additions to the platform – system view and ambulance tab – and a new permanent link from within the EM component of the Model Health System dashboard.

GIRFT is encouraging all EDs to use the SEDIT to support patient flow and capacity management.

You can find out more by visiting the GIRFT website:

RCEM Volunteering Opportunities

We’re looking for Chairs and Vice Chairs to support committees across the UK, along with new committee members!

Are you interested in representing fellow members and advocating for patients in your region? Are you looking for opportunities to develop both personally and professionally? If so, then please check out our volunteering page for opportunities to get involved.

Current vacancies include:

  • Yorkshire & Humber Vice Chair
  • East of England Vice Chair
  • South East Coast Vice Chair
  • South Central Regional Chair

For further information contact us at Finally, please share this call out with your networks.

Become a CESR assessor

Are you interested in this very important role which involves ensuring that Emergency Departments are led by consultants who have all the necessary competences? The CESR team are in constant need, the more assessors in the team means the more we can spread the workload. If you are interested in joining the team, please see the requirements and how to apply via Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) | RCEM. Please email for any other queries.

New 24/7 confidential helpline for RCEM Members

We are now offering free, 24/7 confidential helpline support for all our members via a Health Assured Employee Assistance Programme. Your call will be handled by an experienced therapist or advisor who will offer support in a friendly, non-judgemental manner. You can contact them by phone at any time for help with: –

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship advice
  • Tenancy and housing concerns
  • Counselling
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Legal information
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Family issues
  • Childcare support
  • Medical information
  • Consumer issues

Simply call the free 24-hour confidential helpline on 0800 028 0199 and use the code MHA 229 700 to access support.

Further information can be found HERE.

Flu jabs

All frontline health care and social care workers should be offered vaccination by their employer. This is an employer’s responsibility to help protect their staff and patients or clients and ensure the overall safe running of services. Employers should commission or implement a service which makes access to the vaccine easy for all frontline staff, encourages staff to get vaccinated, and monitors the delivery of their programme. The complementary NHS influenza vaccination offer for primary care staff has not been extended for the 2022 to 2023 influenza season. Influenza vaccinations for primary care staff, like other frontline healthcare staff, revert to being an employer’s occupational health responsibility.

As for last season, the definition of a frontline healthcare worker for the influenza programme will be aligned with that of the COVID-19 vaccination programme to include both clinical and nonclinical staff who have contact with patients. One of the quality indicators in the 2022 to 2023 Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) is a goal of vaccinating between 70 to 90% of staff.

Please do speak to your employer about getting your flu jab.

Emergency Medicine Journal

Our latest podcast discusses the best of our February 2023 issue, covering great papers on COVID-19 and well-being, domestic violence, and the diagnosis of testicular torsion. Read the highlights. You can subscribe to the EMJ podcast via all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify, to get the latest podcast every month.

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest content from our journal, please sign-up to receive eAlerts.

However, you decide to review our content, we’re sure you’ll find something to capture your interest!

#CountMeIn – help us improve representation by filling in your College profile

Emergency Medicine is one of the most diverse professional clinical communities. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to fully evidence the diverse intersectionality of who we are, as the demographic data we have of our members is patchy.

Thing Spring we’re running #CountMeIn to truly capture and celebrate the diverse intersectionality of who we are.

Having a sense of our members’ representation will help us to better understand how best to represent you.

Help us to help you by filling in your College profile today.

Join us in starting a dialogue about the importance of representation in emergency medicine by sharing the campaign and your views on social media.

RespectED – our anti-bullying campaign to challenge toxic behaviour in EDs

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is launching RespectED, an anti-bullying campaign that aims to raise awareness and tackle the rise in toxic behaviours such as bullying, harassment and incivility between staff in Emergency Departments (EDs). These negative behaviours have a huge impact in EDs; they can create a toxic working environment, affect morale and the delivery of safe patient care.

The RespectED campaign is being launched to acknowledge that bullying, harassment and incivility occur in Emergency Departments. It encourages staff to address their own behaviours, to speak up and challenge these behaviours if they witness or are targeted by them and to positively change Emergency Departments and their cultures.

RespectED video

As pressures once again mount on the NHS it is vital that negative and toxic behaviours are challenged, and staff are supported by their colleagues and peers.

Jayne Hidderley, Chair of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Lay Group, said: “We know when incivility and bullying take place in our Emergency Departments, it not only has a detrimental effect on all staff but is a serious risk to patient safety. Our RespectED campaign, in collaboration with Civility Saves Lives, is a call to action to raise awareness amongst our staff and start the conversation. We want all staff in our Emergency Departments to be equipped to speak up, challenge these behaviours and change the culture together.”

You can find out more about the campaign, along with other useful resources, here.

Parents! Apply now for The Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme

Are you expecting a baby, currently on maternity or shared parental leave, have recently returned to work or have children who are in primary school? If yes, then apply now for the award-winning Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme.

The Leaders Plus Fellowship is a nine-month Programme enabling parents with babies and young children to accelerate their careers whilst still enjoying their families. You’ll get access to inspirational role models, a Senior Leader Mentor, a cross-sector network of peers, as well as support to progress your career whilst looking after young children.

The RCEM are delighted to part-fund 6 places on the Leaders Plus Fellowship for individuals working in emergency medicine. Find out more at

EUSEM Academy

We would like to share with you the opportunity to access the European Society of Emergency Medicine’s (EUSEM) learning platform as part of the College’s membership with EUSEM.

The platform contains a range of resources including webinars, videos and document libraries, the majority of resources are available via open access, find out more via:

Follow our Officers on Twitter

Are you following our officers on Twitter? Keep up to date by using these handles:

  • Dr Adrian Boyle – @RCEMPresident
  • Dr Ian Higginson – @RCEM_VP
  • Dr Salwa Malik – @RCEMvp_Salwa
  • Dr Maya Naravi – @RCEMvp_Maya
  • Dr Jason Long – @RCEMvp_Jason

You can also follow our current VPs for the devolved nations:

  • Dr Paul Kerr – @VP_NI_RCEM
  • Dr Suresh Pillai – @VP_Wales_RCEM
  • Dr John Paul Loughrey – @VP_Scot_RCEM


The Spring CPD Conference is on its way! Taking place from 17–20 April, the Conference is geared towards all members of the EM community. Make sure you’ve booked your tickets for up to 3-days of CPD-accredited learning content, the chance to network and socialise with your peers as well as experts in their respective fields. As a hybrid event, if you can’t make it in-person, we also offer online attendance.
Book your place for the conference now

Oncological Challenges in the ED
Date: 8 March 2023
Oncology and haemato-oncology patients often present a multitude of complex challenges when presenting acutely to the emergency department. This event will cover topics ranging from the complexities of prognosis through to the management of complex treatment-induced toxicities.
View the programme online and book now

The Forgotten Tribe: Adolescents in the ED
Date: 14 March 2023
This virtual study day is focussed on adolescent emergency medicine. Defining key themes in acute adolescent medicine and treatment options for acute mental and sexual health conditions, this study day is sure to be useful to anyone caring for adolescents.
View the programme online and book now

Same Day Emergency Care
Date: 4 April 2023
Understanding the definition of SDEC: within EM, as a speciality, in the wider NHS Strategy, and in individual organisations. Facilitate and support ED’s in the development of successful SDEC pathways and structures. Understanding and empowering emergency physicians to develop leadership and skills within the SDEC framework through training and sharing experiences.
View the programme online and book now

Catch-up with past events
All our virtual study days are available for booking post-event for 6-months. This means if you’ve missed a study day you can register and watch the whole thing whenever suits you. Recent study days that have been added include:

  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine
  • The really useful guide to leading and managing your ED
  • Annual Scientific Conference Boxset

View all past events and book now


Have you heard about our Regional Boards? Now’s your chance to get involved!

Our Regional Boards play a crucial role at the College, representing real-life on-the-ground experience. This is an exciting opportunity to develop your career and influencing skills and advocate for your colleagues and patients.

We are currently looking for a South Central Regional Chair, a South East Coast Vice Chair, a Yorkshire and Humber Vice Chair, and members to join our new West Midlands Regional Board.

You don’t need prior experience with the College to participate in a Regional Board. We want our Boards and Committees to become a channel for members to get involved with the College. For further information about each role and the person specification, please visit

Resuscitate Emergency Care

We’ve launched our new campaign to tackle the problems facing Emergency Medicine. Five Priorities for UK Governments to #ResuscitateEmergencyCare lays out what UK governments must focus on to tackle the crisis, improve patient care, retain staff, and prevent harm. The five priorities are:

  1. Eradicate overcrowding and corridor care for patients
  2. Provide the UK with the Emergency Medicine workforce it needs to deliver safe care
  3. Ensure our NHS can provide equitable care to emergency patients
  4. Focus on evidence-based interventions to tackle overcrowding
  5. Introduce meaningful and transparent metrics to facilitate performance and better outcomes for patients

You can read the full recommendations here, and the press release here.

Quality and Audit

Get involved!

RCEM is looking for a Sustainable Working Practices Committee (SWPC) member, representing the Welsh region. You will be involved in committee meetings, creating guidance documents, writing supplements, attend events pertaining to the wellbeing of clinicians, and working with other SWPC members.
Sustainable Working Practices Committee vacancy x1 – Wales rep

College Assessors wanted!

The College routinely sends a College Representative, also known as an Assessor, to attend recruitment panels across the UK (in-person and virtually) for consultant appointments interviews, known as Advisory Appointment Committees (AACs). Having an Assessor on a recruitment panel ensures transparency, fairness and equality is achieved for the candidates and appointing trust.

RCEM would love to extend the list of Assessors to improve availability and diversity while also relieving pressure on the Assessors who already support us. If you’re interested, more information can be found here, or email Allie: if you’re keen to sign up.

Want to sit on interview panels for consultants and make sure nothing bogus is happening? Email Allie!

New RCEM guidance

Mental Health Toolkit

Most of us who treat patients with mental health problems coming to the Emergency Department in crisis will be aware that timely and quality treatment remain difficult to deliver. There has been a welcomed national focus on crisis care with the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat, and investment is starting to follow with the commitment to provide core 24 Liaison Psychiatry services in 70% acute hospitals in England and Wales by 2023/4.

Attendance from patients in mental health crisis continue to rise. National hospital episode statistics 2017-18 data showed an increase in mental health attendances by 133% between 2009/10 and 2017/18.

We owe it to our patients to work to improve care both by our ED staff and to push for better mental health care services in and out of hours. We hope that this toolkit will equip and inspire Emergency Departments and Liaison services to fight for better services as well as improve the quality of our own ED care.
Mental Health Toolkit

Management of Investigation Results in the ED

This guideline seeks to provide guidance for Emergency Departments in how they manage normal and abnormal radiology and pathology results.

The management of abnormal radiology and pathology results in the Emergency Department is a source of concern for many Emergency Medicine clinicians.  Concerns are often related the provision of appropriate ‘safety nets’ in the event of an initially unrecognised abnormality, but also ensuring effectiveness of these ‘safety nets’. There are also concerns about the degree of responsibility the Emergency Department and individual clinicians have to patients who have either been under their care (sometimes nominally).
Management of Investigation Results in the ED

Safety Reports

HSIB have published a new interim bulletin on harm caused by delays in transferring patients to the right place of care (interim bulletin 3).
This investigation explores issues around patient handover to emergency care.
Patients who wait in ambulances at an emergency department are at potential risk of coming to harm due to deterioration or not being able to access timely and appropriate treatment.
Harm caused by delays in transferring patients to the right place of care

Quality Improvement

2022/23 QIP registration and data entry is now open to all Type 1 UK Emergency Departments!
The topics running in 2022/23 are:

  • Infection Prevention and Control – Data collection (3 October 2022 – 3 October 2023)
  • Mental Health (Self-Harm) – Data collection (3 October 2022 – 3 October 2024)
  • Care of Older People – From 4 April 2023 – 4 October 2023

Please see the topic information packs and submit the Registration Form to register your ED.

2021/22 QIP Reports

We look forward to publishing the 2021/22 Annual QIP Reports for Pain in Children, Infection Prevention and Control, and Consultant Sign-off shortly. All participating EDs will be notified when their local annual reports and national reports are available for download.

Participating EDs can also log into the portal to see their data in the dashboards.

Quality Improvement Page

National Clinical Impact Awards

2022 awards round
The Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards has announced: We regret to inform applicants that the approval and thus the communication of outcomes for the 2022 awards round is delayed. While we appreciate this will be disappointing news, it is only correct that due process is followed. We would like to reassure applicants that we are doing all we can to expedite the final stages of clearance but are unable to provide a precise date for when applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application. We are hopeful that it will be in the coming weeks.
Further information will be confirmed in due course, and we thank you once again for your patience.
Update on 2022 and 2023 awards rounds and changes to the role of membership organisations

2023 awards round
The Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards has announced: We can confirm that the 2023 awards round will commence as planned in March 2023, with a provisional opening date of Friday 3 March. The application window will be open for approximately 8 weeks, closing in late April or early May.
Applicants should review the updated guidance once it is available in advance of entering their application. We would also invite them to join the applicant training webinar on 6 February or to watch it on demand afterwards. We also advise they take note of the changes to the process in relation to MOs described above.
Update on 2022 and 2023 awards rounds and changes to the role of membership organisations


RCEM Membership Renewal 2023

Renewal for 2023 is well underway, but there’s still time if you would like to maintain your RCEM membership for another year. If you have any questions about your fees, please do contact our Membership Team either via email (, livechat ( or phone +44 (0)207 404 1999 and we’ll be happy to help.

Ways To Pay

For members with a UK account, direct debit is the easiest way to pay and we offer monthly as well as annual payment options. Sign up today to pay your 2023 subs via direct debit

Alternatively, all members are welcome to pay by credit card online or by calling our member services team on +44 (0)207 404 1999

NEW! Financial Guidance with Medics Money

Medics Money, a doctor led organisation that empowers doctors to make better financial decisions, provide a free tax rebate guide which we are sharing with RCEM members.
Reduce the cost of your fees by up to 45% by using this free tax rebate guide written by doctors for doctors provided by Medics Money.

RCEM Membership Benefits Recap

Ensure you’re making the most of RCEM membership via the following benefits:

  • RCEMLearning, our e-learning and education platform which provides a huge variety of learning resources including valuable revision resources and access to the online CPD diary and app. Make sure you are making the most of RCEM’s top voted members benefit
  • A dedicated regional support network providing you with key contacts in your region or devolved nation. Make sure you are linked in with your regional network, visit the regional board page to see the details of your regional chair.
  • The EMJ (Emergency Medicine Journal) which is the leading international journal reporting developments and advances in all aspects of emergency medicine and acute care. Are you making the most of your online access and accessing the digital content as part of your subscription? Set up your preferences here
  • RCEM ePortfolio (Kaizen now Risr/), a bespoke learning record platform allowing you to create and maintain learning/evidence/achievement data to support your professional development and training.
  • RCEM’s Wellbeing App, a fully-customised mental wellbeing app designed specifically for use by emergency physicians which was developed in partnership with a team of psychologists at 87%.
    If you haven’t already started using the app, request your access today.
  • Exclusive member-only discounts via TOTUM Pro providing eligible members with two hundred UK discounts from Highstreet brands as well as exclusive discounts and added value offers on a wide range of luxury products, services and experiences via Lifestyle Rewards.
  • Eligibility to apply for RCEM research grants, awards or research fellowships supporting innovation in Emergency Medicine. Find out more on the Research pages of the RCEM website.
  • Discounted access to the wider EM community and RCEMs annual calendar of events, training days and networking opportunities. View our full 2023 calendar to book an upcoming event.

Update your personal data and EDI information – help us to help you!

It’s crucial that we have accurate contact details for you and it’s also important that we hold up to date demographic member data to ensure inclusion and representation for all.
Please take a few moments to review your data in your account to ensure you receive important EM updates and enable us to support you and the speciality in the long term.

RCEM Lifestyle Rewards

All members have the benefit of being able to enjoy RCEM Lifestyle Rewards at any time via RCEM Rewards. Members receive new exclusive discounts and added value offers every month on a wide range of luxury products, services & experiences.

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Get involved with examinations!

We’re recruiting for a new Lead Examiner for our MRCEM Primary examination to help produce examination materials and blueprints, supervise standard setting, and oversee all aspects of the conduct and delivery of the MRCEM Primary examination. If you’re an examiner who is interested in applying, please click here to find out more.

Become an Examiner

The role of being a College Examiner is a privilege that carries with it the responsibility of maintaining the highest standards, as expected by patients, candidates and Members and Fellows.

The College welcomes applications from all members of the College who meet the eligibility criteria. There are four grades of examiner:

  • FRCEM & MRCEM Examiner
  • MRCEM Examiner (UK)
  • MRCEM Examiner (International)
  • Question Writer

Full details of the roles and responsibilities of each grade of examiner, as well as the person specifications, are available in the Examiner Regulations Pack .

See the “Becoming An Examiner” video..

Once you have read the regulations, and confirmed you meet the requirements, please complete the Examiner Application Form using your member login.

Upcoming Examiner workshops


Friday 10 March 2023 – Glasgow


Sunday 23 July 2023 – Chennai
Sunday 8 October 2023 – Hyderabad


Sunday 12 March 2023 – Kuala Lumpur

To request attendance and book accommodation for a workshop, please contact

Subsequent 2023 UK workshop dates are currently being scheduled and will be confirmed in due course.

To register your interest, please click here. Please note, you must be approved as an examiner prior to attending the workshop.

If you require any further information on examiner roles, please contact

2023 Exam Dates

Exam dates and application windows for 2023 have now been confirmed.

We are extremely grateful for all the feedback and input we’ve received from candidates, trainee representatives, examiners and committees in developing these exam dates. This feedback has helped us to ensure that the exams calendar for next year improves our way of working and will enhance the customer service we offer to all our stakeholders.

Below are the key changes to note.

Increased capacity for OSCE Exams
Demand for MRCEM & FRCEM OSCE exams has continued to grow in recent years as the number of candidates progressing through our written exams has increased. We are pleased to confirm that we have increased capacity for both MRCEM & FRCEM OSCEs in 2023.

An additional 200 spaces will be available to MRCEM & FRCEM OSCE candidates in 2023, a 12.5% increase compared to 2022.

We’re also increasing capacity for MRCEM OSCE exams in the UK, to 1080 spaces (three diets of 10 days, with 36 candidates each day), with FRCEM OSCE capacity increasing to 640 spaces (two diets of 10 days, with 32 candidates each day).

Whilst we are increasing the total number of days of MRCEM OSCE exams, these will be run over three diets rather than four. It is important to note that this reduced number of diets will not affect the total number of examining opportunities for candidates each year. The existing application and results release timelines means that candidates could apply to and sit a maximum of two OSCE diets each year; this will remain the same when running three diets instead of four.

A key factor in this proposed change is to help alleviate pressures and difficulties around examiner recruitment, which has been a particular issue with MRCEM OSCE exams in recent years. Since February 2022 we have recruited 94 UK Examiners and 26 overseas Examiners. You can find more information about how to become an examiner or other ways to get involved with exams here.

Consistent application windows
From 2023, application windows for all exams will be two weeks long.

Once an application has been submitted, candidates will receive an acknowledgement email including details of when applications will be reviewed by, which is typically three weeks after the application window closing date.

For OSCE exams, candidates will receive details of when allocations will be confirmed by, and candidates applying to written exams will be given dates of the respective Pearson VUE booking window, which will open once applications have been approved.

This change will give greater transparency to candidates throughout the registration process and ensure a more efficient approval and booking process.

See the 2023 exam dates on the Exam Calendar & Fees page.



In response to increasing demand for 2022 Curriculum ACP Supervisor Training, we are pleased to advise that we have increased capacity for the remaining sessions taking place in 2023:

  • Wednesday 03 May, 13:00 – 16:30
  • Wednesday 06 September, 13:00 – 16:30
  • Wednesday 08 November, 09:00 – 13:30

Registration for these dates has now been reopened and Educational Supervisors who previously found the date of their choice to be fully booked may wish to recheck availability.

Educational Supervisors who are supervising ACPs credentialing on the 2022 ACP curriculum must complete ACP Supervisor Training (2022 curriculum) within 12 months of an ACP transitioning to, or commencing, the 2022 curriculum. If you have not yet booked a place on the ACP Supervisor training, please register here.

e-Portfolio Updates

New Version EM ACAT
Please note: these changes do not affect ACPs’ nor PAs’ ACATs.
The following field has been updated as follows


These changes have been made following the indications from the Training Standard Committee’s Chair and Curriculum subcommittee’s lead; to ensure the form is in line with current use and the new curriculum requirements.

The new ACAT (as shown above) will be available to the following user categories:

Trainees ACCS
Intermediate trainees
Higher trainees
International Core
International higher
PEM Trainees
CESR 2021
Non-trainee core
Non-trainees Higher

These changes do not affect ACPs’ / PAs’ ACATs
ACP Educational Supervisors
This is a new role for supervisors who have attended and completed the RCEM ACP Educational Supervisor training day (2022 curriculum). Only approved ACP educational supervisors can complete a FEGS.

If you are unable to link events to the curriculum (select Key Capabilities within your forms), please contact with your training programme (Run-Through/Core/Higher) and deanery
Once we have received this information, we will amend your portfolio accordingly.

Change of Deanery?
Please contact us with your new deanery and the date you changed locations.
We can get this sorted in no time!

This is Hello and not Goodbye!
We’re Live!

Fry → risr/ Kaizen → risr/advance
Fry have recently rebranded to reflect their service and product offering. Fry has now rebranded as ‘risr’.

What does this mean for us as Kaizen users?
Kaizen has been renamed risr/advance.
There are light touch visual changes, including logos, fonts (which have been accessibility tested and verified) and colours.

These changes went live on Tuesday 15 November 2022.
You will still be able to access ‘Kaizen’(RISR/advance) via the current URL until late October 2023, after this risr/ will make changes to the domain to reflect the rebrand.

This rebrand has no effect on the functionality of the EPortfolio or the formatting of events; users are not required to perform any actions to activate these changes.

Just sit back and enjoy the transition!


You will receive an email (from – invitation to Kaizen) with your username and a link for you to set a password.

Please ensure you check your spam folder, as it may end up there.

Once you have added a password, please login to and select Royal college of Emergency Medicine as the Organization. – Please see guidance below

How to login

We recommend reading the FAQssection on how to use the ePortfolio (how to add posts, how to add supervisors, how to create assessments and common queries such as My supervisor is not able to view me).

  1. Please add your current placement (start date 3rd august) via creating the event called Add a post (duration six months following the rotas or up to one year long)
  2. Please add your supervisors and your college Tutor via creating the Add a supervisor event.

Please ensure the end date at the top of the Add a supervisor event is set up. Supervisors and College tutors will be able to view your ePortfolio only within the date range you set up for them.

For question about Training/curriculum you might want to speak with your supervisor, or you can write an email to

Until Next time!

Monday – Friday 09.00-17.00 General eportfolio queries, please contact:
Enrolment queries, please contact: +020 7404 1999


Latest publications

Here’s a selection of some of January’s most popular publications:

SBA Suspicious Eye Pain
SBA Packing Problems
Podcast February podcast
Blog Human Factors
SBA No plug for the leak
Case My Eye Feels Inflamed!
Ref Supraventricular Tachycardias
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Podcast EMJ February 2023

BMJ Careers

Specialty Doctor Emergency Medicine
King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Orpington
£50,373 to £78,759 per annum
We are interested in hearing from passionate individuals with relevant experience (see person specification in JD) to join our committed ED team as a Specialty Doctor.
Read more…

Consultant Emergency Physician
Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Exeter
£88,364 to £119,133 per annum
Applications are invited for the full time post of Consultant Emergency Physician to join our Team of 20 highly committed Consultant Emergency Physicians
Read more…

Specialty Doctor in Emergency Medicine, Barrow-in-Furness
University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust
£45,124 to £77,519 a year per annum
We are inviting applications from a suitably experienced doctor seeking a career development opportunity as a Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine.
Read more…

A full list of vacancies is available here

Other news


26-28 April in Budapest, Hungary

Emergency Physicians work in high-risk / low-information settings caring for the most acutely ill patients. There is a need for accurate and timely information to make the best clinical decisions and guide management. Efficient diagnosis reduces delays in decision-making that may make a dramatic difference for patients suffering serious illness or injuries.

The past few years have fundamentally challenged the delivery of Emergency Medicine causing us to embrace and innovate how we deliver that care. The workshop will address new rapid technologies in diagnostics and new delivery systems that will improve patient care. It will highlight through interactive sessions the current gold standard management of critical patients and through a series of plenary and hands-on sessions, participants will learn about new ways of delivering Emergency Care to implement in their daily practice.

Join us in Budapest to explore new and exciting developments.

Dr. Jim Connolly, Chair EM Workshop


The 3-day program is a mixture of keynotes, interactive sessions and hands-on workshop. In the program we try to cover new developments in more familiar, but also rather new topics in Emergency Care.

Some topics that we will cover:

  • Ultrasound (Lung/Procedural/resuscitation)
  • Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
  • Biomarkers
  • Social Media Education
  • Low Budget Simulation
  • Fluid Responsiveness
  • … and many more

See the full programme


EUSEM member € 345
Local EUSEM member* € 150
Non-member € 470
Local non-member* € 200

*This only applies to members or non-members who reside in Hungary.

Register here

About Budapest

Budapest is the capital and the biggest city in Hungary. With more than 1.7 million inhabitants, it is also the 9th biggest city in the EU.
Originally the city was divided into three towns. On the left bank of the Danube you had Pest and Obuda and the right bank you had Buda.
In the 19th century, the three parts were merged and became Budapest.

Fun fact

Budapest has more thermal springs than any other capital city in the world. Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the most famous and visited one.

The venue

The workshop will be organized at the Budapest Congress Centre. The venue is very closely situated to the centre of Budapest. The venue is very well accessible by public transport. The venue is also directly connected with a hotel.

If you are looking for accommodation, why not staying at the Novotel Budapest City.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Special reduced rate for workshop participants
  • Workshop is in the same building
  • No hassle with transportation to the venue
  • Stay at the same hotel as the workshop faculty

Click here for more info

Support the workshop!

Are you interested in exhibiting with your company? Be sure to check all the sponsorship opportunities.

We offer:

  • exhibition
  • product demonstrations
  • symposia

Click here for more information on partnership opportunities

European Society for Emergency Medicine
Quellinstraat 49
B – 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
T: +32 3 361 88 86 – W:

Urge for practitioners to increase support around internet safety

People who access support around suicide and self-harm are urging practitioners to have more conversations around online safety.
The plea follows a survey of over 80 people with lived experience carried out by Samaritans, which revealed that almost all respondents (94%) had never been asked by a practitioner about their online activity around these issues.
Ahead of Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 7 February 2023) we are sharing some key themes taken from the feedback to help practitioners increase support around online activity relating to suicide and self-harm.
We are also highlighting training that is available to assist anybody who provides support around these issues, enabling you to have conversations about online safety.

Accessing the training

You can access the Internet Safety, Suicide and Self-Harm elearning programme at:

The full article can be found on Health Education England’s elearning for healthcare news page.

BSSH Trauma Committee Membership May 2023-April 2026

The BSSH Hand Trauma Committee is seeking expressions of interest for an Accident and Emergency/Emergency Department Representative for a term of three years (May 2023-April 2026).

The committee meets every two months. Meetings are mainly held virtually with at least two face to face meetings per year. Meetings take place during the day with some evenings when necessary.

The Hand Trauma Committee exists to advance hand trauma care in the UK.

Completed application forms should be submitted to by 12 March 2023.

House of Lords Public Services Committee – Emergency healthcare: a national emergency

This report includes an action plan, setting out suggestions as to what the government should do to address the crisis regarding access to emergency care. It finds that, in many cases, patients are attending emergency care services because they have, or feel they have, no alternative. The report concludes that the government should consider, consult upon, and establish a bold and ambitious new operating model for emergency health care.

Under pressure: what will 2023 hold for the health and care system?
As pressures on health and care services increased in 2022, The King’s Fund’s Chief Executive, Richard Murray, considers what the new year might have in store for the sector.

NHS Confederation – 2023/24 NHS priorities and operational planning guidance: what you need to know
This briefing gives an overview and analysis of NHS England’s operational planning guidance and priorities for the service in 2023/24.

Strategies to reduce waiting times for elective care

The Kings Fund has produced a report on strategies to reduce waiting times for elective care. The report is critical of strategy of recent years as opposed to the more focussed approach adopted in the 2000s.

Appropriate clinical negligence cover

The Government has published a summary of responses to the government’s consultation on appropriate clinical negligence cover for regulated healthcare professionals, which ran from December 2018 to February 2019. Publication and the Government response was held back because of the on-going Paterson Inquiry.

GMC fees

The GMC Council has agreed the annual retention fee for 2023 which will come in from 1 April. Changes to fees will be below inflation (3.1%, rather than a 10.1% increase, which was the rate of inflation in September when fees were reviewed ). This is the same level as last year’s rise. It means an increase of £5 for newly qualified doctors and £13 for doctors with full registration when they pay their annual fee in 2023. This is a break from the 2017 policy to keep fee changes in line with inflation, in recognition of the rising cost of living. If you’d like any more detail on the above, you can have a look at the fees pages of the GMC website.

IFEM Position Statement on Over-crowded Emergency Departments

The International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) is calling for a reset of emergency care around the world in a position statement. IFEM believes that such a reset is essential in order to regain control of the situation affecting hospital Emergency Departments and ensure that no more lives are lost while patients are waiting to be treated. All healthcare systems and governments must take urgent action to remedy the current situation, they say.

ED “over-crowding” occurs when there is an imbalance in patient demand, capacity of the ED to work efficiently and / or bed capacity within the hospital for those patients who need hospital admission. Research has shown that over-crowding of hospital Emergency Departments (ED’s) harms patients and can lead to loss of life. “Over-crowding” describes a situation of too many patients for the space available. Daily news headlines around the world attest to the harm to patients and the stress to staff in this growing and deadly problem. Read the full statement here.

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