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RCEM consulting members on Emergency Medicine Physician Associates

Friday 23 February 2024

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is seeking the views of its members regarding the role and scope of Emergency Medicine Physician Associates.

The College will be sending a survey to all members via email today (Friday 23 February 2024) to enable them to share their opinions and experiences.

The survey will run for two weeks. The results will be fed into the College’s Short Life Working Group Emergency Physician Associates which is scheduled to meet in the coming weeks.

Dr Adrian Boyle, RCEM’s President, said: “This is an important issue for the speciality and for the wider health service, and it is vital that our members’ views are considered.

“The survey is being emailed directly to members, and we urge as many as possible to complete it, so their views are captured. We know that this is a subject that people feel strongly about so we would ask that people are professional in their responses.

“The results will feed into the work of the SLGW which was convened to consider the role and scope of Physician Associates in EM, as well as what, if any, required training and training pathways might look like.”

The survey will be open from Friday 23 February 2024 and will close at 5pm on Friday 8 March 2024.

Any member who has not received the survey by Monday 26 February 2024 should email

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