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RCEM statement on the escalation of nurses’ industrial action

17 February 2023

Responding to the Royal College of Nursing’s announcement that there will be 48-hour industrial action in March that includes Emergency Departments, intensive care and cancer wards, Dr Adrian Boyle, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine said:

“The announcement of a 48-hour strike by the Royal College of Nursing next month that includes A&E, intensive care and cancer wards is significant.

“We are deeply saddened that it has come to this point. We recognise that our nursing colleagues have faced increasingly challenging and intolerable conditions. It is right that our nurses, and all NHS staff, should feel valued, respected, supported, and heard. Patients attending Emergency Departments are there because of threats to life or limb. We strongly urge both sides to continue negotiations to make sure a resolution can be found before this escalation.”

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