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Resuscitate Emergency Care

Resuscitate Emergency Care

RCEM General Election Manifesto  – #ResuscitateEmergencyCare


Emergency Care is under significant pressure.

Our members and their patients are suffering.

We have published our General Election Manifesto 2023/4 which addresses the problems facing our members, their patients and emergency care and outlines the necessary steps for needed by politicians to tackle them.

We will use it to advocate for our members and patients and influence policymakers to implement positive changes for the Emergency Medicine specialty.

By using our manifesto in our media, advocacy and policy work, we will raise public awareness regarding the pressing issues that clinicians and patients are facing in A&Es across the country.

In the UK our more than 10,000 members provide critical care to nearly 19 million patients every year.

Each and every one of our members, and those patients, deserve better than the current conditions in emergency care.

Queues of ambulances, full waiting rooms, overcrowded corridors, long delays for care, limited bed spaces – these will all be familiar to anyone who has attended an A&E in the past couple of years.

Our manifesto addresses this urgent need for change and outlines the following key priorities for the incoming government to #ResuscitateEmergencyCare:

  • End ambulance queues and overcrowded Emergency Departments
  • Provide the UK with enough Emergency Medicine staff to deliver safe and sustainable care
  • Resource the NHS to ensure the emergency care system can provide equitable care to all
  • Introduce transparent ways of measuring how hospitals are performing so we know which ones need to improve

You can read the full Manifesto here – RCEM General Election Manifesto 2023/24 #ResuscitateEmergencyCare 

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