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It must not be forgotten the Urgent and Emergency Care crisis is a UK-wide issue

23 May 2024

RCEM Wales responds to latest monthly Emergency Department performance figures

The crisis being experienced in Welsh Emergency Departments must never be accepted as normal, or be overlooked as the political focus shifts to the Westminster General Election

That’s the message from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in Wales today (23 May 2024) as the latest set of performance data for Welsh A&E departments, covering April 2024, has been published.

The statistics – released by the Welsh Government – show that the crisis continues with tens of thousands of people still having to endure extreme waits when attending an ED.

In April 2024:

  • 64,700 people visited a Welsh ED
  • Of these, just 59.4% were, treated, discharged or admitted within four hours. The NHS Constitution states this figure should be 95%.
  • Of the patients who waited more than four hours, 14,669 waited more than eight hours, and 9,351 waited more than 12 hours – which means that of all the people who visited a Welsh ED last month one in every seven were there for 12 hours or more.

Royal College of Emergency Medicine Vice President for Wales Dr Rob Perry said:

“Another month, another set of figures which clearly show there is no respite from the Emergency Care crisis in Wales.

“The idea that one in every seven patients who attended a Welsh Emergency Department last month was still there 12 hours after they arrived is – and should never not be – shocking.

“We must never accept this as normal. Long waits are degrading, dehumanising and they are dangerous.

“And while the focus inevitably shifts to the Westminster election, we must never forget this Urgent and Emergency care crisis spans the whole UK, or allow the situation outside of England to be overlooked.

“Whoever forms the next Westminster Government must commit to providing the devolved nations with the resources and support they need so they can deliver the UK-wide improvement in Emergency Medicine which our members want, and our patients need and deserve.”

A visual representation of this and previous data is available here.

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