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Clinical guidance and resources for Ukraine

30 April 2022

With the ongoing war in Ukraine there are widespread reports of the awful humanitarian cost; innocent bystanders; men, women and children injured or killed in vicious attacks.

We are shocked by these reports and the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. It is especially distressing to read and hear reports that medical facilities and hospitals have been targeted or damaged during this war. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and with the medical personnel, doctors, nurses, health, and humanitarian aid workers doing all they can to treat the sick and injured.

Together with The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) we (RCEM) have developed, a website filled with clinical guidelines and medical resources selected by experts for use by doctors, nurses, and others in Ukraine.

Topics and specialties on the site include: Paediatrics & Neonatal; Medicine; Nursing; Mental Health; Orthopaedics; Surgery; Obstretics; General Practice; Emergency Care and First Aid; as well as educational videos including Clinical Procedure Videos – all dubbed in Ukrainian.

Given the urgency of the situation and the tragedies unfolding every day we have launched this website whilst it is still in development. We are open to suggestions for topics to include, and more content, resources and videos will be added, and the pages continually updated.

Similarly, The Australian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) has produced a resource website: which contains similarly helpful Emergency Medicine guidance, videos and resources with the option to view the pages in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

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