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Information Sharing to Tackle Violence (ISTV)

Information Sharing to Tackle Violence (ISTV)

Featuring three short films for clerical staff, clinical staff and healthcare workers. See the On this page menu below.

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Preventing serious violence using ED data

Your hospital. Your community. The part you play.

‘Information Sharing to Tackle Violence (ISTV)’ is a national programme which sets to reinvigorate the recording of data in EDs.

A guide for clerical staff A guide for clinical staff A guide for all healthcare workers


The overall aim is to help reduce serious violence – a role in which those working in EDs play a critical part.

  • When we know where and how people are injured, up to one-third of injuries from violence can be prevented
  • Research shows  violence-related injuries treated in the ED decreases by up to one-third when data is collated effectively
  • Information is shared anonymously with community safety partnership teams with the aim to prevent violence-related injuries, especially knife and gang related assaults.

We are asking all EDs to read and adopt the new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Three short films have been produced to help those inputting data to show why their support is important, how they can make a difference and the detail that will help form the bigger picture. Please see Documentation below.

Understanding the ISTV Programme

A guide for Clerical Staff

Understanding the ISTV Programme

A guide for ED Clinical Staff

How you and your ED can support the ISTV Programme

A guide for all healthcare workers

Features from the event launch, 6 March 2024



ISTV and Where it Fits In – Adrian Boyle

ISTV in London – Adam Woodgate

The Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention – Jonathan Shepherd

Violence Reduction Data in the ED – Michael Cheetham

Violence prevention, data sharing and the ED – Dr Katie Wright

Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit – Dr Rachel Jenner

Discussion Panel – Adam Woodgate, Dr Katie Wright, Dr Rachel Jenner

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