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Clinical toxicology

Clinical toxicology

5 July 2023 | Virtual event | This event is RCEM accredited for CPD

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+ Event summary

The clinical toxicology study day will provide acute and emergency physicians with the latest management in treating poisoning from common and more unusual toxins.

Learning objectives:

  • To provide an update on the presentation and management of common acute poisoning to the Emergency Department
  • To cover relevant RCEM curriculum requirements and on-going training/exposure appropriate for revalidation
  • To understands the common toxidromes.
  • To understand complex presentations of patients who presents with life threatening poisoning.


SLO1 – Care for physiologically stable adult patients presenting to acute care across the full range of complexity.

SLO2 – Support the ED team by answering clinical questions and making safe decisions.

SLO 3 – Identify sick adult patients, be able to resuscitate and stabilise and know when it is appropriate to stop

SLO7 – Deal with complex and challenging situations in the workplace

+ Who should attend?
  • Emergency medicine trainees
  • Emergency medicine SAS grade doctors
  • Emergency medicine consultants
  • Senior emergency department nurses
  • ACPs/ANPs
  • Clinical or research fellows
  • Consultants in ICU, anaesthetics or acute medicine
+ Programme + Fees

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RCEM Member £103
RCEM Member nurses/students £68.35
Non-Member £171.35
LMIC RCEM Member £40
LMIC RCEM Nurse/Student Member £20
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If you have any questions about this event, please get in touch with us by emailing or calling 020 3931 0700.

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Please read our terms and conditions in their entirety before making your booking.

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