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2023 Exam Dates

Exam dates and application windows for 2023 have now been confirmed.

We are extremely grateful for all the feedback and input we’ve received from candidates, trainee representatives, examiners and committees in developing these exam dates. This feedback has helped us to ensure that the exams calendar for next year improves our way of working and will enhance the customer service we offer to all our stakeholders.

Below are the key changes to note.

Increased capacity for OSCE Exams

Demand for MRCEM & FRCEM OSCE exams has continued to grow in recent years as the number of candidates progressing through our written exams has increased. We are pleased to confirm that we have increased capacity for both MRCEM & FRCEM OSCEs in 2023.

An additional 200 spaces will be available to MRCEM & FRCEM OSCE candidates in 2023, a 12.5% increase compared to 2022.

We’re also increasing capacity for MRCEM OSCE exams in the UK, to 1080 spaces (three diets of 10 days, with 36 candidates each day), with FRCEM OSCE capacity increasing to 640 spaces (two diets of 10 days, with 32 candidates each day).

Whilst we are increasing the total number of days of MRCEM OSCE exams, these will be run over three diets rather than four. It is important to note that this reduced number of diets will not affect the total number of examining opportunities for candidates each year. The existing application and results release timelines means that candidates could apply to and sit a maximum of two OSCE diets each year; this will remain the same when running three diets instead of four.

A key factor in this proposed change is to help alleviate pressures and difficulties around examiner recruitment, which has been a particular issue with MRCEM OSCE exams in recent years. Since February 2022 we have recruited 94 UK Examiners and 26 overseas Examiners. You can find more information about how to become an examiner or other ways to get involved with exams here.

Consistent application windows

From 2023, application windows for all exams will be two weeks long.

Once an application has been submitted, candidates will receive an acknowledgement email including details of when applications will be reviewed by, which is typically three weeks after the application window closing date.

For OSCE exams, candidates will receive details of when allocations will be confirmed by, and candidates applying to written exams will be given dates of the respective Pearson VUE booking window, which will open once applications have been approved.

This change will give greater transparency to candidates throughout the registration process and ensure a more efficient approval and booking process.

See the 2023 exam dates on the Exam Calendar & Fees page.

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