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New pricing models to be introduced

New pricing structures for different aspects of the College’s services are being introduced.

This means a number of increases will affect our examinations, our events and our quality improvement programmes. Changes to our membership rates were also announced earlier in the month after a membership vote at our AGM.

The pricing structures were reviewed as part of the College’s routine budget setting processes and considered through the College’s various committees. While we have tried to hold our rates for as long as possible, and while any increases are generally not desirable, unfortunately the College is not immune to the impact of the external global financial crisis. The College is currently running a deficit budget and with increasing outgoings due to inflation and much higher mortgage rates we have had to look at all options to manage the impact of that and ensure we can continue to deliver the high standards that our members expect and deserve. 

Exam fees changes

The new exam fees will apply to all 2024 exams, including those with an application window in 2023. The changes will standardise fees for both theory and OSCE exams.

Exam Exam Fee 2023 Exam Fee 2024 Difference
MRCEM PRIMARY £330 £369 £39
MRCEM SBA £335 £369 £34
FRECM SBA £345 £369 £24
MRCEM OSCE UK £450 £488 £38
FRCEM OSCE UK £465 £488 £23
MRCEM OSCE INDIA £650 £735 £85
MRCEM OSCE MALAYSIA £750 £850 £100


There will also be a 15% administration charge for cancelled examination bookings that fall outside of our fair cancellation criteria.

Events fee charges

Our rates for study days and our specialist conferences have been standardised and will increase in line with membership subscriptions each year – so for 2024 by 6% (rounded).

Members will benefit by getting greater discounts however, paying at least £100 less than non-members, with a further 25% discount for member ACP / tACP / student / nurse / allied health professional / retired clinicians.

Full details of the new events rates, which will take effect immediately, can be seen in our event page about all our rates, but example rates are:

One day face-to-face study day 2023 2024 Difference
Member post-graduate doctor in training / non-training grade clinicians / consultant £129.50 £140 £10.50

Quality improvement programme charges

Our Quality Improvement Programmes are generally paid for by NHS Trusts and support our members’ important work to improve the quality of standards and, in turn, patient care.

As from October 2023 the new price to participate in our QIP topics starts from £599 per topic per year. You can contact our Quality team at for full details.

Membership Fees increase

The increases exams, events and QiPs supplement those agreed at our Annual General Meeting by members in September which will see membership subscription fees in general increase by 6% in 2024, in order to manage rising costs of delivering services for the college.

As part of the membership subscription increases which apply to all categories of membership, the specific rate for ACPs will increase in January 2024 to bring them in line with other membership category types. ACPs will then pay the same subscription as the standard other ePortfolio users – £322 for 2023, £341 for 2024. Post credentialling, ACPs can opt to switch to Membership by election, which would remain at £322 but also include voting rights.

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