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RCEM Statement on the Middle East situation

23 March 2024

The College has issued the following statement regarding the situation in the Middle East.

“As a college whose members’ core interest is in preserving health and facilitating access to emergency care, we have been watching with horror the ongoing destruction and loss of civilian life in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the escalating humanitarian catastrophe.

“We stand with other Royal Colleges, the British Medical Association, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, respected Non-Governmental Organisations and others, calling for an immediate cessation in hostilities.

“In particular, ending attacks on and around healthcare facilities and their personnel, and the destruction of the emergency health system.

“We extend our deepest condolences to all families including those of hostages, healthcare workers and colleagues who have lost loved ones or been affected by this conflict, and who have suffered unimaginably.

“As the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, we reach out to our members and fellows who have placed the needs of others far above their own and who are delivering healthcare in the most challenging of circumstances.

“We stand in solidarity with you, we thank you and we are immensely proud to share our speciality with you.”

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