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Reflective practice log issue resolved

17 August 2022

It was recently brought to our attention that there was an oversight during the data migration from the NES ePortfolio, relating to the ‘Reflective Practice Log’ form.

The privacy function which existed in NES was not applied to the forms in Kaizen, and forms that were marked as ‘Private’ in NES, were no longer private in the new platform. However, this was specifically in relation to the ‘Reflective Practice Log’ form and not other self-directed learning.

This meant that anyone with permitted access to a user’s ePortfolio would be able to see the reflections – this included trusted individuals such as Heads of Schools/TPDs/Supervisors only; these were not publicly viewable. The private reflections would have been visible to trusted individuals from August 2021, when the migration occurred, to July 2022. All affected users have been contacted directly.

We have been able to identify all forms which were marked as private in NES and apply the strict privacy function to the forms in Kaizen to resolve the issue. These include the forms users had previously marked as private in NES.

We sincerely apologise for the oversight but can confirm that the issue has been fully resolved with our ePortfolio provider.

For any queries, please contact us at

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