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Social events

Yoga with Charlie (7.45 – 8.15 on 29 March, virtual event)

This yoga sequence with Charlie will help you release tension, ground into your body, and can be the start of a journey towards greater flexibility, well-being, and bodily awareness. The postures (asanas), combined with a spacious and free-flowing breath, will help to create and balance your energy. Practice gently and safely, don’t go beyond your limits, and stop if anything doesn’t feel right for you.
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Wellness and meditation session with Creative Wellness (7.45 – 8.15 on 30 March, virtual event)

This 30-minute wellness practice is designed to gently release any tension from the physical body, through standing and lying Yoga movements and a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. Enjoy a guided body scan relaxation to finish, which will calm and soothe the nervous system and allow the mind to move towards stillness.

Fitness session with LuvFitness (7.45 – 8.15 on 31 March, virtual event)

This boxercise fitness session aims to get you moving and energised.

Drinks reception (16.45 on 29 March, face-to-face event) 

Join us for a drinks reception at the end of the first day at the Bournemouth International Centre to unwind after a day of learning and mingle with colleagues and fellow conference attendees.


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