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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy & Procedure


Complain about an RCEM service 

We are always working to improve the service we provide for our members and other individuals that access our services and resources.  

As an organisation we value complaints for the insights they give us into how are services are being received and the opportunity they provide to improve our service provisions. 

Our complaints policy and procedure are designed primarily for use by our members however, any stakeholder that interacts with us may complain about our services and therefore has access to the complaints process. 

For those of our functions that are subject to either legislation or our bye-laws, this policy and procedure does not apply because appropriate provision is made elsewhere to resolve issues: 

 Complain about your care or experience as a patient 

We cannot deal with the following issues because other organisations are responsible. 


How to complain about an Emergency Department or hospital 

  • You have the right to make a complaint about any aspect of NHS care, treatment or service, and this is firmly written into the NHS Constitution 
  • Complaints about treatment received within the NHS are dealt with firstly by the hospital or other organisation concerned, through the legal system or (in England) by the Health Service Ombudsman. 

How to complain about treatment under the Mental Health Act 

How to complain about an individual as, or on behalf of a patient 

 How to complain about the conduct of a member of the College  

  • RCEM has a code of conduct for our members which provide a clear set of expectations as to how Members, Fellows and Affiliates should conduct themselves. This code of conduct can be used by a member of the College or member of College staff to raise concerns about the conduct of College members. 

 Complain about your experience as a clinician

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