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Assessment Schedule

Assessment Schedule

Assessment Schedule - new release June 2020

New Release (12 June 2020)

‘Joint Position Statement for Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) Training Programme – Initial Assessment of Competence (IAC)’ can be found here.


The new TSC guidance on ARCP can be found here.

Trainee ARCP FAQs are available here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an exceptional set of circumstances for trainees, trainers and training. As a result the Training Standards Committee have adapted the ARCP requirements from the 2015 curriculum to a “minimum data set” for trainees. The 2015 checklists will no longer be used until further notice.

A revised version of the Faculty governance statement is available on the portfolio. This is important for trainers to fill out for all trainees ST3 and above. In particular the revised wording will cater for those trainees who have not been able to complete the ATLS/ APLS etc. due to COVID-19

The ARCP checklists to be used until further notice can be found below. The initial COVID-19 checklists published on 8 May 2020 have been revised as of 22 May to ensure consistency with published guidance and the checklists published for ACCS. If the previous version of the checklist was filled, this does not need to be redone.

ACCS Anaes/ICM ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)
ACCS EM/AM ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)
DRE-EM ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)
ST3 ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)
ST4 ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)
ST5 ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)
ST6 ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)
PEM ARCP COVID-19 Checklist (pdf)

There is also a podcast outlining the NTS assessment tool within ESLE on the RCEMLearning site.

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