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Assessment Schedule

Assessment Schedule

Assessment Schedule - new release June 2020

2021 Curriculum (April 2022)

We have created a guide to help support both trainees and trainers in the run-up to ARCPs. The following document will signpost you to various information and resources to help you prepare for ARCP:

Preparing for ARCP

See the ARCP Decision Aid here and the Educational Supervisor Report Guide here.

2015 Curriculum

For those that remain on the 2015 Curriculum (ST6) the COVID derogations remain in place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an exceptional set of circumstances for trainees, trainers and training. As a result the Training Standards Committee have adapted the ARCP requirements from the 2015 curriculum to a “minimum data set” for trainees. The 2015 checklists will no longer be used until further notice.

A revised version of the Faculty governance statement is available on the portfolio. This is important for trainers to fill out for all trainees ST3 and above. In particular the revised wording will cater for those trainees who have not been able to complete the ATLS/ APLS etc. due to COVID-19

The ARCP checklists to be used until further notice can be found below. If the previous version of the checklist was filled, this does not need to be redone.

ST6 ARCP COVID-19 Checklist
PEM ARCP COVID-19 Checklist

There is also a podcast outlining the NTS assessment tool within ESLE on the RCEMLearning site.

QIAT guidance

A how to guide has been created for the QI Assessment. This includes information on what the QIAT is, information on SLO11 and how to generate/complete QIAT forms.

This guidance has been created for 2022 specifically, as it includes information on regional panel sign-off for ST6 trainees who remain on the 2015 curriculum. Going forward ST6s will not require panel sign off and this guidance will be updated accordingly once the first groups of trainees on the 2021 curriculum reach ST6.

See the QI Assessment How To Guide

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