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Clinical Educators in Emergency Departments (CEED)

Clinical Educators in Emergency Departments (CEED)

Highlighting the need to address issues of staff retention and burnout within Emergency Departments.

CEED Pilot

The need to address the issues of staff retention and burnout within Emergency Departments has previously been highlighted by the 2017 ‘Securing the Future Workforce for Emergency Departments in England strategy’.

It was from this strategy and acknowledged link between training and staff retention/wellbeing, that Health Education England (HEE) began the Clinical Educators in Emergency Departments (CEED) pilot. The initiative focused on the development of a new Clinical Educator role within the ED, which would provide protected Multidisciplinary (MD) training time on the shop floor, away from existing clinical duties.

In October 2018, HEE began the CEED pilot in 54 Acute Trust ED across England, who were identified as being the most challenged across England using a series of metrics including the GMC survey, and ACCS/HST survey.

The allocation of funding for the pilot was determined by Heads of Schools of Emergency Medicine and the RCEM Training Standards Committee [TSC] who conducted a review of the GMC Survey 2017 and local knowledge to allocate Programme Activities [PA] to the lowest third performing and struggling sites nationally.

CEED Evaluation Project

Aims of the CEED Evaluation project:

  1. To identify the benefits and dis-benefits of providing clinical educators with ring-fenced teaching time to support the development of Emergency Department clinical staff
  2. Determine if a single model framework is possible
  3. Measure the impact of the programme on EDs, return on investment and any justification for future commissioning.

Evaluation Team

The evaluation was commissioned by HEE and was led by Aston University with the RCEM Evaluation Team supporting the evaluation and dissemination of the finding. This study was granted Portfolio status by NIHR indicating it’s rigor.

CEED report

Also of note is guidance developed to support the setup of the CEED role.

CEED handbook

The CEED pilot will end in March 2021.

Education in Emergency Departments (EnED) Study

This study is designed to identify the educational needs of ED professional staff during the recent pandemic with the aim of providing guidance to support staff through any similar future events. Part of the study allows for reflections from a wide range of clinical staff so they can anonymously record their experiences, opinions and recommendations in relation to education and training needed / provided during the pandemic. We are interested in the views of both regular staff and those who were seconded or deployed into the department as a consequence of Covid-19. The reflection sheet may be completed by all clinical staff and a link will be distributed by HEE.

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