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RCEM Wellbeing Support

RCEM Wellbeing Support

RCEM membership provides you with access to the following resources which aim to provide you with wellbeing support.

Wellbeing App

Welcome to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Wellbeing App page. This page provides information on the RCEM Wellbeing App, how to get access, and how to use it to support your wellbeing.

RCEM have partnered with 87%, and alongside a team of psychologists, built a fully customised mental wellbeing app specific to the needs of emergency physicians.

How do I get access to the app?

The College is pleased to be able to provide the app to ED community as well as to RCEM members.

  • Access for ED nurses is provided (via collaboration with the RCN, further information can be found here)
  • RCEM members please email to be sent an access code for the App
  • If you are not an RCEM member / do not have an RCEM account then get free access to the RCEM wellbeing app by completing the form here.

Clinical Leads for ED’s across the UK have been asked to make all eligible staff aware so that they can be invited to use the app.

The app is already available to all RCEM members – please email if you would like us to resend your access code.

  • Once you have your access code you will be prompted to download the app and create an account. You may choose any email address you wish. Once registered, you’ll have full access to the app and its resources.
  • The app contains a wellbeing questionnaire that measures 7 dimensions of mental wellbeing. You can choose to focus on the specific dimensions pertinent to you, or complete every section to receive a full view of your overall mental wellbeing.
  • After you’ve completed your questionnaire, you’ll receive a score in each dimension and bespoke guidance for how to improve or maintain your health in certain areas. You’ll be encouraged to remeasure every 90 days to stay on top of change over time.

If you need help with any of the steps above, contact

I’m having trouble, can you help me?

Below are the basic instructions you will need to get you started, further support can be found in our FAQs document here. If you require support or have questions about using the app please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I create a new account?

How do I create a new account?

First you’ll need to download the app built by 87% (please search for 87percent).

Then when prompted, you’ll need to enter:

  1. The unique code we sent to your RCEM Membership email account (if you haven’t received this or need it to be resent please contact
  2. Your preferred email address
  3. A new password – You’ll need to remember your email and password for later logins, but you only need to enter the code one time.
+ Why would I use the app?

Why would I use the app?

The app contains a wellbeing questionnaire which addresses 7 dimensions of health. Upon completion of a mental fitness profile, you’ll receive a score and fitness programme with routine bite-sized actions to help you stay on track. You’ll also get custom advice and monthly reports to help you stay aware of your progress.

The College is keen to ensure that Fellows and Members have their individual needs addressed, so the RCEM Wellbeing App is filled with content that will have something for everyone. The app also highlights tips, tricks, services and websites which can offer advice and support more widely.

This app is convenient, accessible, secure and entirely private with only aggregated and anonymised data being shared with the College to track the wellbeing of our specialty as a whole.

RCEM have partnered with 87% provide the RCEM Wellbeing App for Fellows and Members to have the tools they need to Measure, Understand and Improve their mental wellbeing. Having good knowledge about one’s own mental fitness empowers people to make small changes that make big differences to their work-life and relationships.

+ How do I know this app is helpful?

How do I know this app is helpful?

This app was built by a team of psychologists who have worked in a wide range of NHS clinical settings. The team has built an evidence-based, best practice approach to mental wellbeing for staff who work in the NHS, as well as more widely.

The wellbeing assessments are psychometrically valid and using Cronbach’s alpha, the reliability of each measure ranges in strength from 0.68 – 0.80. The assessments in the app were built under the guidance of Psychiatrist and Professor Chris Evans, co-creator of the CORE-OM (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluations), measures that are widely used in the NHS and other clinical settings.

+ Data processing agreement

Data Processing Agreement

RCEM recognises the importance of protecting the personal information of its Fellows and Members. Though the provision of the RCEM Wellbeing app, no personal data is shared with 87%.

The email address of members will only be used to send a personal invitation from the RCEM Wellbeing app and subsequent member-specific wellbeing newsletters. Should you wish to unsubscribe from all future wellbeing emails, you can do so from the link at the bottom of these emails or by contacting

The data you provide through in-app questionnaires remain anonymous at all times to both RCEM and 87% – neither party has access to personal data. Only aggregated and anonymised data will be used to provide analysis to the wellbeing of those working within Emergency Medicine, as well as wider research looking into the needs of front-line responders. View the full privacy policy from RCEM, and the privacy policy from 87%.

Should you wish to delete your data, you may do so at any time from within the app.

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