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Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC)

Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC)

Case studies and further information regarding Same Day Emergency Care will follow soon.

Same Day Emergency Care

Special Interest Group (SDEC SIG)

Welcome to the Team

Chair – Nathalie Richard

I am a consultant working in Emergency Medicine and SDEC at the Whittington Hospital in London. My role is the ED SDEC lead and clinical lead for the Virtual ward. I helped develop the multidisciplinary SDEC unit in 2012, as part of the first cohort in the NHS elect ambulatory care network. I have held national roles as clinical advisor for NHS elect and representative for Emergency Medicine, and a member of the NHS England working group for SDEC.As chair of the SDEC Special Interest Group, I hope to promote the benefits of SDEC within Emergency Medicine and support Emergency clinicians in developing SDEC skills, leadership, through training and working in partnership with other acute clinical specialities. The SDEC special interest group consists of a team of individuals with real enthusiasm and experience for SDEC, who represent interdisciplinary skills and I’m delighted to work with them as part of the wider RCEM SDEC strategy.

John Stokes – Lay representative of the SDEC SIG

John Stokes is an organisation development consultant with international experience in public and private sectors – specialising in issues of leadership and change, performance management, organisation design and team effectiveness. Beyond the health sector, he has engaged heavily with organisations in financial, professional services and criminal justice sectors, and most recently with the World Bank.

His career has spanned over 40 years, working with leaders at every level, as both employed internal advisor and contracted external consultant. John recently joined the SDEC group, having worked with the college for the past 5 years on various committees and SIGs, including Informatics, Sustainable Working Practices, and Toxicology.

Jo Risbridger

My name is Jo and I work between ED and AMU (including SDEC) at University Hospital Southampton. I am an RCEM Credentialed ACP, with a background of nursing. SDEC is a great way of being able to support patients to be able to stay at home with ambulatory input. In my free time I enjoy being outside including kayaking and outdoor swimming.

Steve Crane

I’m an Emergency Medicine Consultant at York Hospital. As a trainee I helped to set up the  A&E Clinical Decision Units in Leeds (a forerunner of today’s SDEC units) and as a consultant I ran the Trust’s acute DVT service from the ED for many years before helping to set up our current medical SDEC unit. I believe that same day emergency care is a fundamental part of emergency medicine work and that ED clinicians should be involved in this work either within their own departments, in units run solely by ED or in units jointly run and staffed with other acute specialties.

Aidan McIvor

I am an Emergency Medicine Consultant in NHS Lothian and work one day per week within Acute Medicine. As an EM trainee, I completed a fellowship in Ambulatory Care in Edinburgh, and I am now very interested in the development of SDEC within the training curriculum.

I am delighted to be involved in this SIG and in the development of SDEC on a national level and I am excited to share in the experiences and skills of others around the country. I hope to work with the group to inspire interest and enthusiasm for SDEC while informing our own practice and development.

Rebecca Bowers

GP and EM SAS at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust. Long Term Conditions Clinical Lead for BOB ICS with particular interest in reduction of unplanned admissions and improving patient pathways. Keen advocate for same day emergency care reviews for rapid assessment across urgent and emergency care systems.

Kuldeep Kaur – EMTA Representative of the SDEC SIG

T0 be confirmed

Stewart Teece

EM Consultant at Monklands Hospital, also works as a Consultant Acute physician one day a week

Imran Shareef

EM Consultant at King’s College Hospital, London. Liases with Acute Medicine and Ambulatory Care unit.

Hazel Grant – Administrator of the SDEC SIG

Hazel is a member of RCEM’s Quality Team and provides administrative support for the group. She joined the SDEC SIG in January 2023 and is excited to help facilitate the group’s work.
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