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Emergency Medicine Core Level 1 Ultrasound Course and Finishing School/Sign Off

Event date: 15 and 18 December 2023

Venue: Education Centre, St Helier Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 1AA


ESTH local candidates – 1 day £200/2 days £350
Other UK candidates – 1 day £250/ 2 days £400

Summary of event:

US Level 1 Core Learning Event on 15 December is suitable for EM FY2, registrars and specialty doctors. It is also useful for ACCS, IMTs and surgical trainees and will include the following stations: EFAST, ECHO in life support with pericardiocentesis, AAA/IVC, vascular access central and peripheral, Fascia Illiaca compartment Block under US (FICB), SHOCK Station with positive findings, DVT above knee and Serratus Anterior Plane Block (SAPB).

US level 1 sign off/finishing school on 18 December is suitable for EM higher trainees and specialty doctors going for CESR, and will include the following stations: EFAST, ECHO in Life Support with pericardiocentesis, AAA/IVC, vascular access, FICB and SHOCK RUSH Protocol.

Faculty will facilitate signing off DOPS according to new guidance from RCEM.

How to book: Please click here to register.

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