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11th Ultrasound Core Learning and Level 1 Sign Off Course

Event date: 31 May and 3 June 2024

Venue: Education Centre, St Helier Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 1AA


ESTH local candidates – 1 day £200/2 days £350
Other UK candidates – 1 day £250/ 2 days £400

Summary of event:

Emergency level 1 ultrasound course on 31 May is suitable for EM FY2, core trainees, ACCS trainees, physician associates and ED ACPs and will include the following stations:

  • EFAST scan covering free fluids in 4 views plus looking pneumothorax and haemothorax
  • AAA/IVC stations looking for aorta, IVC and SMA
  • ECHO in life support (ELS) plus pericardiocentesis on mannequin
  • Vascular access central and peripheral
  • Fascia Illiaca compartment Block under US (FICB)
  • SHOCK assessment and RUSH protocol
  • Serratus Anterior Plane nerve block under US guidance
  • DVT assessment

The trigger assessments/sign off day is suitable for EM Registrars looking for competency sign off taking towards  CCT through training or CESR route, and will include the following stations:

  • EFAST Scan: assessment of 4 standard views, pneumothorax/haemothorax
  • ECHO in Life Support; acquiring view in 10 seconds and at least two views, also showing IVC collapsibility in volume assessment in2D and M mode. Pericardiocentesis on mannequins,
  • AORTA, IVC and SMA with measurement of aorta
  • Vascular access (central and peripheral)
  • SHOCK assessment – RUSH Protocol – assessment of hypotensive patient with pathologies
  • FICB under US guidance – infrainguinal technique

Each candidate will be assessed 3 times in each modality (pass=AAA or BAA)

How to book: Please email to register your interest and book a place

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