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STAMP(EM) – Systems & Tips for Analytical Medical Practice (Emergency Medicine)

Get it – interactive learning, to ensure you understand every step.

Get it right – you will be able to absorb and perform every method shown to the 100% level.

Get it right away – tools you can use immediately – prove it to yourself on the day with multiple examples to work through.

The course consists of workshops on analysis of investigation data – blood gases, ECGs & X-rays – focusing on principles, safety tips, tricks & shortcuts. It teaches and reinforces practical methods that anyone can use on every shift, each explained down to basics. It focuses beyond what is usually covered by standard teaching, bridging the knowledge gaps and promoting deeper understanding, rather than a reliance on fallible memory.
Teaching is by currently active EM consultants, each with at least 10 years’ shop-floor experience.
Suitable for clinicians at FY2 to middle-grade level.

STAMP(EM) 36, November 14, 2023: QEH, Birmingham

STAMP(EM) 37, December 12, 2023: QEH, Birmingham

STAMP(EM) 38, January 23, 2024: QEH, Birmingham

STAMP(EM) 39, February 21, 2024: QEH, Birmingham

STAMP(EM) 40, March 27, 2024: QEH, Birmingham

STAMP(EM) 41, May 9, 2024: QEH, Birmingham

STAMP(EM) 42, June 27, 2024: QEH, Birmingham

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