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Message of solidarity from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine to health care workers in India

At RCEM we send our heartfelt support to our colleagues and peers in India who are facing extremely challenging circumstances on the frontline as the country continues to grapple with the catastrophic surge in coronavirus cases that has stretched the health care system to its limit. We offer our sincere condolences to Emergency Medicine staff who have lost family, friends, and colleagues and who are feeling anxious, concerned, and dejected about the situation and its impact on those closest to them.

We welcome the UK Government’s support to India, providing medical equipment and expertise to the Indian healthcare system as it deals with the worst global levels of infection rates. We have been in regular contact with our Emergency Medicine colleagues from the Society of Emergency Medicine in India to understand the challenges they are facing and to offer our support in any way we can.

Dr Katherine Henderson, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said: “Our thoughts are with healthcare staff in India who are persevering through this exceptionally difficult time on the frontline. We are alarmed and disheartened to see daily reports of patients dying due to exponential increases in infection rates and shortages of essential medical equipment.

“The history of our NHS is so closely linked to the recruitment of Indian doctors and clinicians into the service, and this is especially the case in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. We are a diverse specialty and many of our members working in the UK are of Indian origin; we know this tragedy will affect many Emergency Medicine staff and Departments across the country.

“To our colleagues and peers in India and every single member who has family, relatives and friends in India, we are thinking of you.”

Below is a list of organisations who are fundraising to address the crisis in India:

• British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) India COVID Fund.
• APNA NHS COVID19 India Appeal.
• British International Doctors Association’s Oxygen for India Emergency

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