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RCEM makes front page news, as President expresses lack of confidence in winter plan 

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine made front page news in the Independent after President Dr Adrian Boyle said he had “little confidence” in the government’s winter plan published at the end of July. 

In an exclusive interview with the Independent, Dr Adrian Boyle spoke about the latest plans for winter published on 27 July.  

The RCEM President raised his concern around NHS England’s pledge to deliver 5,000 beds, with data showing they are not on track to deliver these.  

He also expressed his worry that financial incentives will lead to gaming of the system, leaving vulnerable, elderly and mentally ill patients waiting the longest. 

At the start of the year, Dr Boyle spoke out about the danger long waiting times present to patients and their care, as the College estimated that between 300-500 patients were dying each week associated with long waits.  

Speaking to the Independent about the winter ahead, Dr Boyle expressed his concern that this winter will again see high numbers of excess deaths. 

Accompanying his interview, RCEM President Dr Boyle wrote a hard-hitting editorial in the Independent, NHS England’s ‘robust plan’ is not enough to avert disaster this winter, in which he further reinforced his view that the government’s and NHS England’s winter plan will do little to prevent another catastrophic winter. 



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