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RCEM Presidential Election 2022

9 December 2021

Dr Katherine Henderson’s term in office as President comes to an end at the AGM in the autumn of 2022, and as such we are now seeking nominations for the role of College President.

Nominations are sought from amongst the Fellowship to elect her successor, who will serve as President-elect from March 2022, formally taking up office at the AGM next year.  To be eligible to stand for President you must be a Fellow in a substantive consultant position in the NHS in the UK and be a member in good standing.

The President serves for a three-year term and all applicants must discuss the time required with their clinical director in order to ensure the commitment is achievable in their current job plan. A role description can be found here. If any potential nominee wishes to discuss the role with the current Office Holder, the CEO or Vice President for Membership, please do get in touch and we can make arrangements for this to happen.

Nominations must be signed by a Fellow who practices Emergency Medicine in the UK, and by the applicant. Please include a personal statement of no more than 500 words. Nominations close at 12pm on Friday 14 January 2022.

In the event of there being more than one nomination, a ballot will be authorised by Council and voting will open to all members on Tuesday 1 February 2021. The election shall be decided by single transferable vote system.

Civica Election Services are managing the process for the College. For further information and to make a nomination please visit

As a College we are proud to represent a diverse membership of over 10,000 clinicians working in Emergency Medicine. Equality is a core value of the College, and we are engaging in critical debates about structural inequalities. We therefore value the creativity and variety of experiences that a diverse leadership can provide. We encourage UK fellows of all backgrounds to apply for this important role.

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