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RCEM Wales responds to annual bed occupancy data 2019

29 August 2019

Provisional data released today shows that in 2018-2019, the number of average daily available beds stood at 10,564. This represents a decline of 148 available beds on average per day since 2017-2018.

While the annual bed occupancy level across Wales stands at 86.8%, this does not reflect the high occupancy rates across acute specialities. For example, Medical Acute experienced 90% bed occupancy. Dr Jo Mower, Vice President of RCEM Wales said: “Annual data published today shows a gradual decline in the number of available beds in hospitals across Wales.

“Bed occupancy levels provides a valuable indicator of capacity and patient flow through the hospital. The link between high bed occupancy and declining hospital performance has been well established. When hospitals operate above 85% occupancy, we can expect to see longer waits in the Emergency Department. To deliver patient care to an increasingly growing and ageing population NHS Wales must invest in additional staffed beds in hospitals and in the community to alleviate overcrowding in Emergency Departments.”

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