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Exams 2021 questions and answers from the RCEM Twitter Q&A held on 2 March 2021.

1. Can RCEM have MRCEM OSCE exam centres in middle East countries eg Saudi Arabia and UAE?
A. Exam centres are continually under review and plans for new centres have been impacted by COVID. We hope to add centres in Oman and Malaysia when circumstances allow.

2. We have strict travel regulations in my country, can the MRCEM OSCE be delivered totally online?
A. No. This examination is specifically designed to assess competence in a range of practical skills in a face-to-face setting which we can’t replicate online. We are working on a hybrid model that is less threatened by COVID for June 2021

3. Can we apply for the CESR after Aug 2021 with just SAQ and OSCE exam done?
A. Candidates holding passes in FRCEM Final OSCE and SAQ will be awarded FRCEM in September 2021. A CESR application will still need Research and QI evidence.

4. How much experience is needed for the MRCEM OSCE after August 2021?
A. From August 2021, MRCEM OSCE eligibility will require 24 months experience post FY1, which must include 6 months in EM.

5. When can I see some examples of the new format for the new SBA exams?
A. Sample questions are now available on the College website for the MRCEM and FRCEM SBA examinations

6. I’m an ST1, will the exam format stay the same through my training?
A. There are no plans for any future changes, but it is a possibility that the exam formats will be developed if necessary.

7. How are RCEM dealing with the backlog of candidates?
A. There is no backlog for written exams or FRCEM OSCE. For MRCEM OSCE we are reviewing plans to increase capacity to ensure we can accommodate as many candidates as possible throughout 2021/22.

8. For trainees who will stay on the 2015 curriculum, what happens if they don’t submit for FRCEM QIP? Will they get awarded FRCEM after the last QIP deadline?
A. Without FRCEM QIP, trainees staying on the 2015 curriculum will need to complete 2021 portfolio evidence for QIP in order to CCT. Candidates holding FRCEM Final SAQ and OSCE will be awarded FRCEM in September 2021.

9. For a candidate with full MRCEM, what is the pathway to getting full FRCEM?
A. From August 2021, candidates with MRCEM after August 2012, meeting all eligibility criteria, can apply for FRCEM SBA and OSCE to gain FRCEM.

10.I’m Sudanese and I live in KSA, should I register for my exam with Pearson VUE with my passport or my Iqama ID?
A. We would recommend using your Iqama ID, but your Sudanese passport will be accepted in a Pearson Test Centre. Sudanese passports will NOT be accepted online/OnVUE.

11.For those of us who have passed the FRCEM critical appraisal exam but will not get FRCEM before August 2021, is there any value in this exam now it is redundant?
A. Yes. A pass in FRCEM Critical Appraisal will count towards the portfolio requirements for SLO10 (research). Other evidence for SLO10 can include eLearning modules, journal club presentations, work towards a higher degree and peer reviewed papers.

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